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Hail / acorn / small rock mini-dent on hood..... fixable?


I have my small share of imperfections around my Model X after almost 2 years of ownership. Little micro-dings or chips, but really not noticeable unless you are OCD and see it every time you hand wash every square inch of the car - which I do.

However I have 2 very small dents on the hood. One has no paint chip but it "bends the light" when you look at it at an angle - it looks like a small acorn bounced off the hood with juuuust enough force to make a "bend the light" indentation, and the other has a very small paint chip and had some white residue and it too "bends the light" when looking at it at an angle, and that one was probably a rock chip on the road. It bothers me very much given the detail and care I give to my cars.

Is this a fixable thing? I know someone will "need to see it" but who - - a body shop? I have a Modesta ceramic coating on my X and the shop is 2 hours away - not exactly a quick drive and I don't even know if this is something they can fix.

But maybe this is a relatively common thing. I thought I heard about some kind of suction device to pull it out. But I would never do that myself - I don't think. I would be too nervous to make it worse.

Figured I would ask you guys. Thanks.