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Half of The ID.3 sales are Fake?


Oct 30, 2012
Swiss have find out that nearly 50% ID.3 are in the used car market, this in less than month after delivery. Dutch have seen similar figures; nearly half of December sales were bought by dealers and then entered to as used cars. This seems to be true with 35% in Germany as well.

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There should be "December" somewhere at the title. Dutch id.3 market: 10k sold at 2020, 1k at used cars and 50% are from near Dec.

10% both used and test drive cars sounds believable, but why all those are put in the market near December?
In Netherlands dealers buy the cars so when you buy the car in 2021 you still can have the 2020 tax advantages when using car as company car. In 2021 new cars have less tax benefits.
For sure not the case in Switzerland
I wouldn't call it fake and certainly in UK its standard practice - we call them pre registered. They get registered to the garage to fulfil a quota, then the garage sells them on a short while after with a large discount. All pre registration does is skew when the sale took place, possibly by only a few days - it doesn't create a fake sale.

I got over 1/3 off the price of my last new car, not a VW I should add, at the loss to me of having an additional keeper on the registration certificate and the Tax and MOT coming up in the previous month. When I purchased the car, it still had all its delivery and protection stickers all over it and 4 miles on the clock - so had never been used. When I collected it it had been fully PDI'd and was fault free which is more than can be said about our Model 3 which was delivered with no PDI, a few more miles on the clock and took 5 service visits to sort the delivery faults. Teslas version, at least in UK, is to rush delivery of cars without PDI to meet the quarter end deadline then let the owner find the faults and come back and get them fixed at their own inconvenience.