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Is there any way to keep the door handles out today ? I haven't found it. The handles need washing and dying too. I really hate chrome, and I really really hate leaving it wet as I've seen it bubble from items so many many times.

Regardless of motive I suggest a Hand Wash Mode setting for Model S that presents all door handles until deactivated.

This should also leave the stereo on. Right now I am using Parking Brake (just tapping the brake pedal or tapping the display also turns Model S on but I think it might turn itself off eventually that way).

And perhaps it could also bring the wipers up a bit, not as much as wiper service mode ? Just so we can clean in and around without so much fear of tapping the arms to the hood.

Thoughts, comments ? Other things this mode could do ?
Thanks much folks for the open-a-door trick, I will have to use that from now on at least for drying... maybe even for careful washing.

I keep the fob on me and just press the handle when needed to wash, dry or polish. No biggie.
Hi msnow, yes, you can also press on a handle when it's unlocked. I'm trying to prevent harmful door handle wear. Especially in this worst possible moment as soapy water has a far better chance to get where it shouldn't in a waterproofed module.

Logic would dictate that we should never have a motorized waterproofed item be in motion while in contact with sudsy water. Unless you want to wash it inside... I'm not saying I know how the mechanism is waterproofed or even what Tesla's stance is on washing and handles, if any. But I'm growing concerned as handles are being swapped out at a rapid pace it seems.
I actually do the exact opposite. I think that if they are extended, there is more opportunity for water to get into the mechanism.

I turn off my auto present whenever I wash the car. After blowing and drying her, I then extend the handles to wipe the interior of them. I think this is the least invasive way to clean them. It's worked fine so far.