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M3P - About 3 months ago I entered the car while on a phone call and rather than connect through the car audio, it simply cut off the call.

Now, whenever I receive a call or try to make a call in the car, it connects but no sound can be heard incoming or outgoing and I therefore have to pick up the phone and switch on loud speaker which is quite a dangerous distraction.

Has anyone experienced this or know how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance
Is it an iPhone? This may seem daft but make sure your iPhone isn't muted on the phone for the car's Bluetooth device - it's really easy to accidentally mute it without realizing you've done it and the phone then applies it every time it connects to the car...

(That may not make sense so I have put some steps below)

Go in your car and check that your phone is set to playback through the car's system - (On your control panel click the little circle icon with a triangle next to the speaker icon and make sure your Tesla is selected).

Press the volume up button on your phone repeatedly and make sure the bar is at the top.

Now try and make a phone call to someone, hopefully, you can now hear it? If not while the call is connected repeatedly press the volume up button on the phone.