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Hansshow premium audio upgrade [error on screen] - eCall emergency call system needs service

I just Got the Hansshow premium audio upgrade harness installed in my M3 2020 SR+. I didn’t do this myself, but I got a 3rd party workshop to do it for me.

When I got the car back, I noticed that I persistently got the error “eCall emergency call system needs service”. The error won’t go away after 4 days, although I have tried soft reset (wheel buttons), turning the car off on the LCD, letting it sleep for hours, etc. I also checked the passenger footwell trim if any cables had come loose, but nothing here.

A far as I know the harness doesn’t have anything to do with the eCall system, so either the workshop must have unplugged something by mistake, or there is a hardware error which happened to pop up the same day.

The car will go back to the workshop, that’s for sure, but I also wanted to make sure that this is not something i can fix myself.do anyone know of any fix or if it has to do with the harness upgrade itself?
Hi. I had a similar experience with Teslaoffer harness where the harness is missing 5 wires that connect to the blue connector on the driver A-pillar. Not sure about the Hanshow variant but there may very well be similar issues that are evident on eurospec cars only and not recognised while testi g on other variants. Teslaoffer has since made changes to the harness they sell. Sadly though I haven't received my 'retrofit kit' for the missing wires.