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Happy Birthday to me... it's a P90D

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Fan of Red Lights
Jul 25, 2015
Bay Area, CA
Today is my 33rd birthday, and Tesla was kind enough to deliver my beautiful car to me at 11am this morning. Weighing in at 4647 lb and 4 oz, she is healthy, but has yet to be named.

P90D, midnight silver, pano, 21" grey turbines, black next-gen seats, CF décor and spoiler, black alcantara headliner, red calipers, autopilot, SAS, UHFS, and premium interior


Horrible lighting. Didn't realize it until I looked at it on my laptop.


I've seen some questions about what the range will be. This was a range charge that I let sit to balance batteries. 273 miles

I've spent some time driving a P85D and when I first launched in this I was a bit disappointed. It didn't feel any more significant than insane mode. I did notice some additional pull, but nothing mind blowing. I haven't had a chance to really play around with it yet, but I did find this



When the battery is ready it will say "Ready", which when I first found it was ready immediately. The "Preparing..." was when I was charging again tonight so the battery needs to warm up a bit first. My initial test with this enabled I did feel it more, but it wasn't the best test with luggage and people in the car. I'll test it and try to get a video of at least the dash during day time.
@Pete90D. Thanks for info on battery preparation; something new :) Any impressions on ride quality, noise levels, high speed passing power, supercharging speed?

Ride quality and noise level is roughly the same from what I remember.

Passing power seems to be a bit stronger, but I haven't tested it with the max power option turned on. There were a couple times it felt kind of weak, but still faster than a lot of cars.

The applique curves slightly different and the letters stand out more.

I don't think I remember the charger port door automatically opening when I pulled up to a supercharger, but unless I did something without realizing it like the keyfob being pressed while in my pocket, the door opened automatically.
:cool:When you get a chance let us know what the supercharging curve looks like and what the actual energy consumed is when going from 100% to 0% charge.

And huge thanks for posting all the info!

Driving from Mountain View to San Francisco, around the city, back down, to the airport, and back to Mountain View... 100% down to 28%

53.2 kWh
383 Wh/mi

Remote S says I added 52.48 kWh to get back to 90%