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Happy Model X Owners GITT

I don't even know how to describe it, but I drove my old Subaru ~400 miles this weekend where I would normally take my MX. It was death by a thousand cuts.
  1. When I got in, I waited a bit, but the door never closed. Finally just did it myself.
  2. Then I had to adjust all the mirrors.
  3. Located key, put in ignition, turned it until the thing started.
  4. Turned on windshield wipers to back up. Turned them back off and went into reverse instead.
  5. Couldn't see what was behind me. Just hoped I didn't hit stuff (didn't).
  6. Pulled out of the parking lot. A car was coming, so I hit the accelerator. There was a huge delay as the transmission selected the best gear, the motor started to spin up, the turbo kicked in and it started going... a little faster.
  7. Cruise control required constant fiddling.
  8. Every time I'd look a way, the car would start to drift out of its lane.
  9. Had to crank my head forward just to look up through the tiny windshield.
  10. At every stop light, I had to hold my foot on the brake the entire time. Can't even take a break when not moving.
  11. When I got to my destination, I was low on fuel, as I usually am... but the next morning *I was still low*. I had range anxiety.
There were a lot of subtle things. Some stuff you don't notice until you drive something else.

I rented a Prius in Hawaii maybe two weeks after I got my MX. It was a similar set of annoyances. I used the windshield wipers constantly to change gear. Couldn't figure out why I had to leave my foot on the brake, or why it wouldn't drive over 10mph in EV mode (or what the hybrid drive actually did that was useful because of that). Worst: I left the car running while I had dinner. Why is this my responsibility?

I have also driven a Chevy Spark, which wasn't altogether bad, but had similar anachronisms. Why does it creep forward when I'm not holding the brake? Why is there a physical gear shift lever that I have to remember to move back to park when I'm done?

The MX experience just feels like we mostly figured out how to do a car. I'm sure there are build issues and such, but the concept is right.
No gas smell.
No exhaust smell.
No waiting in gas lines when there's a shortage (our pipeline stopped once).
Full "tank" in the morning.
Accelerates as fast as Porsche C4 (2001) it replaced, and instant torque makes it more fun.
Steering precision is equal to the Porsche, though not much feedback. Very easy to steer.
Holds a lot of stuff when we travel.
Autopilot, and even just TACC alone, is the only reason I'm willing to drive on long trips.
The big front windshield is great for travel. The visors are amazingly adjustable and have worked well for us.
Exterior design, including the FWD's.
Interior design, white seats, phone dock, enclosed drink holder, folding rear seats on 6-seater, front trunk.
Firmware updates.
Tesla infrastructure: Superchargers, Roadside Assistance, Service Centers.
Homelink opens garage doors and residential guard gate automatically.
Nav with big screen and Supercharger routing, charge remaining at destination.
HD radio, USB or online music player, phone bluetooth in a pinch.
Voice commands.
Doors and trunk open and close with a button press or brake press (wish the frunk was as easy).
Cameras are in-place for better blind-spot detection and other future features.
I'm driving a revolutionary car that I think points the way for all cars in the future. It's a better car than anything in the past.
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  1. Performance - I was looking for a sports/luxury vehicle. I get a kick out of humiliating giant truck gas guzzler rude drivers.
  2. Autopilot - Nothing like a stress free drive. I feel sorry for those who did not opt for this feature. You don't know what you are missing.
  3. Minimalist interior - The days of 40 buttons are over with intelligent automation. Traditional thinking is not welcome in an innovative environment.
  4. FWD - The technology behind the operation of the doors is mind boggling with full of innovation. Shame on the mini-door van supporters
  5. Service - I have had some issues that were resolved with the most professional folks in the industry. My SC has always exceeded my expectations. I had a failure which required a tow. When I showed up, I was greeted by first name without announcing myself. SA had keys in hand for a Tesla loaner and was on the road in 10 minutes. I have never been greeted that way with any other manufacturer.
  6. All Electric
  7. 17" screen and all the tech
I live in the high desert of SoCal--In the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest. I drive two miles of fairly challenging dirt/sand roads to get to my house. I have solar. Things I love.
1. No Gas--no cost, charging since my solar produces more than I use.
2. Air suspension tied to GPS location. Snowball raises up high just before the dirt road begins and stays there until I hit the pavement again then lowers. Automatically. What other car does this? Handles rough roads well.
3. The hepa filter on dusty roads is amazing.
4. Falcon wing doors allow me to put my totally immobile wife in the back seat with ease.
5. Super fun to drive. Acceleration wow!!; when pulling out onto 65 MPH desert roads between oncoming cars. They begin to honk, then fade out of sight!!:p
6. Can tow.
7. Last week drove up the winding road to Big Bear lake. Went from 3,500 to over 7K like a feather. Fastest trip to BB ever. Plenty of range. Holds the road like it is bolted down.
8. Sits a big man comfortably. My user name is an understatement.
9. Audio fantastic. I’m an audiobook addict.
10. Mobile service-- Broke off a piece of moulding around wheel on drivers side. T came to my house (over two hours to closest service center). Replaced the moulding. No Charge!! Mobile driver gave me his card/home number--said to call him directly anytime. Who does this!!
11. Extra TLC when going to a touch-less wash. Cleaners/finishers call other employees to check it out. :)
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