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Has anybody installed/fitted a rear and/or front cam for recording while parked etc?


just wondering about the dash cams I have seen talked about in the US forums... I personally have had someone back in to the front of my old car and drive off without leaving a note in Vic. So I was wondering about fitting a front and rear cam to my new P85D such as those mentioned here:

The Tesla forums mention many people installing http://teslatap.com/modifications/dash-cam/
DR650GW-2CH like the following http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...e=as2&tag=teslatap-20&linkId=BEXNGYCVX5V5NXXH

Any thoughts? I was thinking of getting something like this to film my car when parked in case of any "hit and runs". And does anybody know someone that can install them? I don't know if my handy work will be all that good :)

I have installed a Thinkware F750 front+rear. The F750 can automatically enter parking mode if it is hooked up to an always-on and a switched power source. Since there's only a single free connector in the microphone grille and it's an always-on 12V, I just let the camera record 24/7. I put in an 128GB MicroSD card and I think it can record for just under a day before overwriting the oldest recording (but I never really checked). Technically there's a switched 12V wire in the rear view mirror connector, but I didn't want to splice into the cable.