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Has ANYONE been able to complete a M3Dual order?

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Configurator is fubar. AWD and P options showed really early this morning, but the configurator would crash out with an error when trying to load the final checkout screen. Dual motor option is gray for me now. I’m a Tesla owner who put their Model 3 reservation in within the first 30 seconds of it going live online. My ability to configure opened up 6 months ago. I think I was in the first batch of non-Tesla/Space-X employees to be able to order...

Anyway, it’s taken longer to get here and now we’re unsure if the Model 3 fits into our plans at this time — had some other expenses come up and don’t need another car at this time. I do have some extra tax liability for this year and am looking for a way to capitalize on some tax credits, but not so sure the car is the best way to do it. ...Also being picky here. For the 3, if we go through with it, we just want the long range battery and AWD non-performance in Midnight Silver with White Interior. I suppose if the white seats become the hold up and could cost us another $3750 by way of missing out on the full Federal credit, it starts to make sense to order the black interior and buy the white upholstery upgrade from T-Sportline and probably have the car much earlier.
I was able to complete the transaction yesterday morning. The $1000 deposit did show up in the transaction. Now, Tesla, you've got three months to fix the brakes and add a heated steering wheel to sub-zero. Cream leather popping up in time for me to switch would be nice as well while you're at it; have a nice day.
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It's live for me with a 12-16 week delivery for Performance or AWD.


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