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Has anyone made a change to vehicle after ordering?

I'm curious if anyone here has made a change to their vehicle after the order was confirmed.
My order was confirmed 3/16 and still awaiting production. I do have a VIN # already.

I know its $500 per change but I am worried that if I make a change, it will bump be back in terms of production schedules. If I did make changes it would be to delete the full self driving option I paid for and go with stock wheels. (I purchased the 21" Twin Turbines and I think I want to do aftermarket wheels). Basically shaving $7,500 off the price.

Any info on this would be appreciated!
Hi Jeff,
You could contact Tesla regarding this issue. (for instance your delivery Specialist listen under your reservation)
He may be able to tell you if the change you want to make is likely going to impact delivery or not.
I'd think that removing self driving would not but changing wheels is an other story...
Good luck,