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Has anyone noticed supercharging changes with 2020.48.37?

I've got a pre-facelift 90D; over the past couple months or longer, I rarely see over 100kw charge rates, or if I do I see them for a few moments at the start of the session.

I updated to 2020.48.37 over the weekend and on my way home (after a "full to 30%" highway drive) and got this:



It stayed at this rate (or at least well above 100) for a good long time too.
I posted this in the throttling thread but thought putting it here also was appropriate:

I finally received the 2020.48.37 update in my 2016 S-75 and supercharged for the first time this morning starting with a warm battery and 18% left. Before throttling, the peak charge was in the 97kW range, and after throttling, it would very briefly touch 82kW just below 50%. Today the car reached a peak charge rate of 108kW, so that’s quite a bit higher than when it was new. It tapered to the former max of 82kW at just before 50% and seemed to taper from there at the same rate as it had before the update. This is a significant improvement that will make long distance traveling much easier especially as more superchargers come online and the “splash and dash” method in the low end of the range can be used. As a heavy supercharger user, I’m very excited with this update.
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Not sure about everyone but I have a Jan 2020 Model S and have notice a very sharp throttling in the last three revisions....I am currently on 2021.4.3 and will charge later this week....I think the key to charging maybe making sure you have a warn battery....I tell my wife who gets less than 100% efficiency while charging at home to use the conditioning mode and warm the battery prior to charging.....since doing that, she get 100% efficiency while charging at home at 40a, 9kW and 240v.....And when she does this, her range is improved and battery capacity goes up a couple of percent...She has a Jun 2019 Model 3 AWD LR.....she has never seen more than 301 miles range and is at 285 now....have not been able to figure out what is happening....she has 10,230 miles...
I'm definitely noticing some algorithm changes, unfortunately for the worse.

My high mileage (115k) S75 is peaking around 110kw near 20% SoC but tapering very aggressively, like under ~40kw near 70%. About 70kw at 50%.

That's a bummer. Also quite a bit off the prior peak speeds I was seeing last summer where I'd briefly get ~140kw near 20%. Guess they decided that's no bueno.

I don't supercharge that much, I'd guess less than 10% of my miles are DCFC.
My 2016 Facelift S 75D never got over 96-98KWH before this last firmware update. Now i top out in the mid 120’s KWH

Same. 17’ S75D, was hit with the throttle permanerf before the 350V packs were sped up a bit. Been stuck at 82kW for the the last two years.

Very pleased to see peak charge rates exceeding 100kW.

Have any 85's gotten the .37 update yet?

I have the 37.1 software on my 2013 S85, just completed a roadtrip from CO to FL.

My charge experience may not be applicable to most cars of this vintage as my HV pack was replaced with a new 350v remanufactured pack that I have now put 2k miles on, this trip I saw over 100kw charge rate all the way up to just over 50% charge then tapered from there.
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Model X 2016 P90D V 48.37.1
Trip started about 24%, drove until 9%. 30°F. Regen limit resolved but power limit decreased only slightly so battery was still cold. Targeted nearby Supercharger after errand but battery did not preheat. (Why not?)
Started charging at 7% 64kW but slowly rose to 109kW by 27%. At about 40% power started to drop and fans became loud.
This car started with 132kW when new but until today I’d not seen higher than 92kW for some time.
At 50% after 20 minutes the power was still 91kW. This is an improvement in front loaded supercharging compared to what I’ve seen for a couple of years.
Gained 60% after 33 min.
73kW at 67%, this would have been about 50kW before this last update.
50kW at 80%, this would have been 30’s before. 38 minutes. Usually I would continue a trip when charging has dropped to 50kW. This is now ~185 rated miles but only ~160 practical miles.
After reading this, was very anxious to see if the update would improve supercharger experience so that trips would be feasible in the future. Very disappointed in data.
2015 S85D with 2020.48.37.1 air temp 67. I was not sharing SC with anyone else.
Tracked battery charge percentage and level. Started at 29%, only saw 37 KW, slowly ramped up to 47 KW and plateaued there. Stopped charging at 50%. 6 months ago, was seeing around 58 KW at the same location.


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I noticed my S90D preface lift also getting higher than 91KW of before. I mainly supercharge so I got really high count of supercharging sessions. So far the best was 113KW after the update. When the car was new, I got up to 117KW if I remember correctly so this update has essentially restored my supercharging rate. Unlike the 85KW pack, I am sustaining high charge rate until around 75% SOC before it slows down. I didn't record the rate but I think it is about 160miles in about 35 minutes which is definitely better than before where I had to probably wait at least 45 minutes to recover the same range. This will definitely make road tripping much better though my max mileage range has decrease from 286 to around 250 now.
Well after plotting the details at my local supercharger in the earlier post, I had to take a relatively short road trip (300 miles 1 way) this week, which required multiple supercharger stops. When I got to the first SC, my SOC was 10%. Supercharging started at 119 kw and stayed above 100kw for the next 10%, then tapered to 60 kw by 50%. Still, much better than my previous experience. Similar experience on the return trip, ~100 kw up to 20%, tapering to 60kw around 50%.
Ok just one data point and one sample for my S90D with really high supercharging sessions count. I was previous supercharged limited to 87KW max before the update uncapping the charging rate. Car is 4.5 years old with 75.5K miles on it. 70K of those miles are supercharging miles. Max 100% SOC range is 252 rated miles.

Arrived with 21% SOC @ 6:03PM at 150KW charging station
80% SOC still charging at 51KW @ 6:33PM and recovered 44KWh according to the Tesla.
92% SOC still charging at 25KW @ 6:48PM and recovered 53KWh according to the Tesla.

Conditions: No indication of preheating the battery before getting to charging station even though I did put it as a destination on the navigation.
It was relatively cool for SoCal around 51 degrees F outside. Battery was relatively warmed already from about 30 minutes of highway/hill/regen driving.

Starting max charge rate was 104KW and slowly creeped up to a peak of 110KW before slowing down. No other Tesla sharing charging stalls at any point during the whole charging session.

Here are some numbers:
I average around 0.280KWh/miles on highway. I drive at 70-75 mph exclusively if I am on a road trip where I really care about charging time.

1) 44KWh will get me 157 miles in 30 minutes of charging. Or around 2 hours and 15 minutes of driving at 70mph average.
2) 53KWh will net me 189 miles in 45 minutes of charging. Or around 2 hours and 42 minutes of driving at 70mph average.

So clearly it is not worth waiting that extra 15 minutes just to gain another 32 miles if you don't really need it. maybe 35 minutes would be the optimal if you really need that extra range and drive a bit slower. Overall I am pretty happy about the supercharging rate bump on this new firmware. It is definitely not as fast as the new Model S with the 250KW charging rate, but this will definitely make road tripping much more palatable compared to before.