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Has anyone rejected delivery in Texas?

Delivery of my LRY7 coming up. SA said everything will be "touchless" and I will have to accept delivery prior to getting access to the inside via the app. Also, I have to complete payment prior to delivery. Either with bank transfer or MAILING a certified check. They said I cannot remit payment upon delivery due to Texas laws. What are other's experience in Texas? I will do my best to look it over prior to clicking "accept", but if there is an issue, can I even refuse? Thanks.
I'm curious how often people reject a car based exclusively on something found in the interior of the car? As somebody that is about to take delivery as well - I've been trying to prepare myself. I've somewhat settled on refusing if there is a paint mis-match issue between body panels, or dents/defects in the exterior that are not easily repairable.

Issues with panel gaps, small paint blemishes, and interior issues should be solvable after delivery (within the 100 miles). Issues with the drivetrain would be concerning since they will only be detectable after leaving the lot, but I don't see a way around that one.