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Has autopark improved?

About 10 months ago, after I had ordered my tesla model S but before I had received it, I saw a model X in a parking lot obviously using autopark to back into a parking spot. He wasn't parking between two cars, instead a car and a curb. I got to watch as he curbed one of his wheels. Anyhow, as a result of that show, I've never really used autopark, and in fact, my model S never asks me to use it. But yesterday it offered me the option, and I got to thinking... Has autopark made any strides in the last 10 months, like autosteer and navigate on autopilot have? I don't see the autopark mentioned here much...
Do you use autopark, and has it improved? Do you trust it enough, that its not going to damage your tesla or someone else's ride? If smart summon is almost here, surely autopark is better now?
Elon has mentioned that enhanced summon is really an exercise in pavement edge detection, which a lot of effort has been put into in the last 4-6 months. That benefits not just enhanced summon, but full self driving, as well as auto park.
I can only guess but I am willing to bet newer firmware will handle the same situation better and will continue to improve.
For me the challenge has always been gettin the option to auto park to come up to begin with, and that looks to be improved in v10.
I've noticed that the icon for self-parking rarely shows up the same as it used to a few months ago. I've asked at the service center but they don't have a clue as to why this is happening. It's strange that it is happening on the X and the 3 the same way.