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Has Elon had an input into the TMC refresh

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I mentioned it on the pre-upgrade post. What's really odd/annoying is that on my Macbook, using the same browser, the webfonts are just about perfect with well defined differences between bold unread posts and read posts.
Whats happened to the ui of TMC its now pale & incipid with little definition between posts and the fonts appear smaller & paler.
I'm convinced Elons team have been at it again. In 4 words.
I don't like it!😖
What do others think.
I agree - not so easy on the eyes. Rather like the manuals in the car - font almost greyed out.
If it's working well - change it......
You can change the font size under preferences in your account.
I've changed mine from medium to extra large & there is no difference, nothing has changed, they aren't any larger!
Viewing the list of posts isnt bad in as much as each post heading stands out bold but the text underneath is small, pale & faint.
When selecting a post to read all the text is small, pale & faint.
I have to manually expand the page to read which then involves scrolling left and right to read each line.
If it makes any difference I'm using a samsung 10.1" t585 android tablet.
I find it perfectly fine on a desktop (MacBook Pro, Firefox), but I really do not like the experience on mobiles. I kinda feel like there should be a cohesive UI between desktop and mobile, but instead the forum drops the user management stuff at the bottom of the screen, and I find it nearly impossible to see what alerts I’ve got:

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The moderators that worked on the forum upgrade have been very responsive to feedback, you can post here:

I wouldn't bother posting issues that others have already raised, however definitely worth posting if something hasn't already been mentioned.
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We just completed a significant update, but we still have some fixes and adjustments to make, so please bear with us for the time being. Cheers!

Its still work in progress. The unread posts is a known issue and a better solution is being looked into by the site admins. Unfortunately, its not helped by different devices and preferences causing things to render different.

tbh, I wouldn't go trying to find a workaround unless its causing major heartache. I am sure a better global solution will drop out in the wash in due course.
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Im not sure this is acceptable.
I could post a screenshot of a speakev post to show the big difference.
Ask for you money back :)

Have you posted your concerns on the upgrade thread? As VanillaAir said, there's a whole plethora of devices out there and there may be configuration changes needed to accommodate them all.
Interesting you should mention Speak EV. When I first saw the new format, Speak EV came to mind. I wonder if they are using the same software, hence there may be a config change that will sort out your issues.