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Has Elon had an input into the TMC refresh

I must say that on both 12" & 13" MacBook laptops this new format seems just fine, similarly with an occasional look on an iPhone.

The one thing I definitely appreciate is being able to catch up on unread bell icon 'alerts' on the laptop by clicking & the list appearing. I never liked the previous 'hover cursor' & scroll approach or if the icon was clicked the whole screen switched to the alert display. On the iPhone I also much prefer the red band at the foot of the screen & it is also much easier to check alerts directly from there.

@VanillaAir_UK so for the Apple devices I use, overall this is an improvement 👍 (...as is the full choice of smilies! 😀)
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Ask for you money back :)

Have you posted your concerns on the upgrade thread? As VanillaAir said, there's a whole plethora of devices out there and there may be configuration changes needed to accommodate them all.
Interesting you should mention Speak EV. When I first saw the new format, Speak EV came to mind. I wonder if they are using the same software, hence there may be a config change that will sort out your issues.
I may have been misunderstood when i said " I'm not sure this is is acceptable"
I meant unacceptable to paste a copy of someones post from another forum.
Now that I've set the forum fonts to extra large & my tablet fonts to large its acceptable & much easier to read.
...by the way was the green 'online now' indicator visible somewhere previously? (my wife already tells me about how much of an 'idle waster' I've become so thanks for confirming that TMC :eek:)
If its the green blob in the user icon, I wondered this too and raised the issue as it appeared not to follow the privacy settings. After some limited further tests, it does appear to follow the privacy setting as expected, unless you are that user. ie. You will always see the green blob to show that you are online, but others will only see if if your privacy settings allow. Unfortunately I was only able to check the latter for a non logged in account, but if you never see the green blob on my user icon, I'm either genuinely offline, or its working as expected.
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I can't see blobs for anyone, green or otherwise, so guessing it's a moderator level thing.

You won't see mine, but can you not see one on your own icon? I checked from a non logged in account, and I could see the blobs. I've just double checked, private window, not logged in and I can see your green blob.
Possibly another difference between different devices.

What devices are you on? Even logged in anonymously in a private window, I can see you both are listed as being online. This is From Windows 10 Edge browser in private window (not logged in) landscape mode, but also shows same in portrait mode - but alas, not showing signatures in portrait much like the old forum didn't either.

Its still work in progress. The unread posts is a known issue and a better solution is being looked into by the site admins. Unfortunately, its not helped by different devices and preferences causing things to render different.

tbh, I wouldn't go trying to find a workaround unless its causing major heartache. I am sure a better global solution will drop out in the wash in due course.

An alternative visual clue will hopefully be rolled out in next day or so. Its an additional visual indicator so you won't miss it when it lands. I know a few other changes are planned too, but not sure when they are due to rollout. Hopefully your muscle memory has not learned the current format already.
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The new unread threads notification has rolled out if you have not noticed it.

Some of the few other changes don't seem to have made the rollout. Position of the new lower breadcrumb trail is due to be moved to a position that will hopefully reduce amount of scrolling to see it.
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