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Hatch falls shut while opening


Cyclonic Member ((.oO))
Jan 12, 2015
Charlotte, NC
Over the past two weeks, about 5 or 6 times me hatch has started to open for one second, the shuts and beeps at me. Trying to open it again works successfully. Most of the times I was in the car and selected the hatch to open from the 17". When I get to work, I back into a charging space and pop the hatch and open the charge port to get my backs. In this case, I'm also often opening my door at the same time, but not always (sometimes I open the door first and once it happened when walking up to the car using the keyfob). I was just wondering if others have experienced this before.

I had many problems at first getting my drivers door to unlatch and would be momentarily trapped in the car for a few seconds (I'd keep retrying until it unlatched). In the end, my service advisor said he recreated it on my car and others when the latch is pulls quickly to a certain spot. Apparently that was too far too fast for the electronic latch to disengage, but not far enough to trigger manual release. After the service center basically explained user error to me, I haven't really had a problem since (I give it less of a pull now to open).

Could the hatch be another user error type thing or maybe something rolling in with the colder weather, or should I engage the service center about this? They did replace the motorized right strut a couple months ago because it was making a knocking noise, but the left strut wasn't changed. Perhaps it's not working within spec anymore?
I've found mine can be a bit sensitive to resistance in opening; a little resistance, and it'll beep several times and recluse. When yours shuts and beeps, is it (as I recall with mine) several beeps? If so, that's what's going on. It could be slightly misaligned or some piece in the mechanism - or those rubber doohickeys that the hatch closes on top of - isn't quite right.

I've had it happen if I didn't clear off all the ice in winter and there's some connecting the car and hatch. I think a few other times maybe it was just a combination of moisture and heat making things "stick" slightly. Either way, the second time it always works, as you say.

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P.S. I'd mention it to Tesla Service, next time you're in for anything; if it's the rubber bumper thingies, or something in the mechanism slightly out of wack, they should be able to determine this and adjust things.
I just had my right strut replaced as it seemed to be leaking fluid due to a heavy residue building up at the top of the piston.

Also, it was making a loud grinding sound when opening and closing. It was closing with a loud thud and service replaced it.
Tesla service already called to bring in the car, but I was out of town. I'll get it checked. It went ten days with no problem, and then completely failed to open when nobody was inside. It would move maybe half an inch and then beep multiple times. I had to press the button and lift in the end when before I could hit try again. Sticking probably plays a role as I was in Miami.