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Hatch Interior Panel - Way to attach permanently?

New to me late-2014 and I was getting a near-constant low speed rattling that I tracked down to the interior hatch panel, so I ordered some new clips and removed it and the rattles have gone away (since removed).

I did my best to carefully remove it, but it's clear that the clips are not secure and move around a bit and it's looking like the plastic holding the clips have broken a bit. I'm sure Tesla charges $$$$ to replace it and it'd be silly since the panel itself is fine... it just needs to be firmly and snugly re-attached.

Has anyone done any semi-permanent fixes to work around this? I was thinking of maybe some super-durable-and-sticky tape to hold it into place? I saw the YouTube video of the guy that put a bit of tape beneath the clips, but I'd like to get this done to almost an overkill level as the the vibration was really bad. I wish the panel wasn't all one piece as it's kinda tricky to get it all installed.

Any thoughts?
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