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Having trouble deciding on rim colour

Which rim colour?

  • Silver

    Votes: 7 26.9%
  • Grey

    Votes: 19 73.1%

  • Total voters
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I received my S 100D inventory model last Wednesday. Initially I wanted silver wheels but the inventory model they had that fit all my needs only had grey wheels. So they told me they'll let me drive the car with the grey wheels until the silver wheels came in. At that point I could take it back to the centre and get them switched out. They knocked off $2000 off the final price since I went for the silver wheels.

I got the call today to make the appointment to have the wheels switched out from silver to grey. However, since that time I've grown accustomed to like the grey wheels even though initially I thought maybe the silver wheels would better on a midnight silver Model S.

Now I'm conflicted if I actually want the silver wheels or the grey wheels.

This is what my car looks like right now with the grey wheels.


Help me choose. Silver or grey on a midnight silver car?
Tough one. Midnight Silver is one of those colors that can work with both rim colors.

If you are going for a...

Classy/Fancy Look: Go Silver
Sporty: Go Grey.

I feel Grey 21" Turbines would be absolutely stunning with this exterior color.

I agree with Navsarin on powdercoating for changing colors of the rim.
I see you are in Vancouver, so you'll be going slowly everywhere anyway. (Just kidding, a little)
The 21s look nice, I'd keep them.

Longer treadwear 20" could be great if you just want different wheels. Compare that to the 19" imho if the treadwear of the 21" doesn't work for you.

Either way I think the grey wheels look best.