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Hawaii Delivery - Time to receive registration, title & plates?

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How long does it normally take our local Tesla sales center to send the registration, title & plates after taking delivery? It's been a month so far and haven't received anything.

About 4-6 weeks. It doesn't come from the Honolulu Service Center. Instead it's Fedex'd from Tesla on the mainland. Make sure you're registered with Fedex with the same address you provided to Tesla to register your vehicle so you can get the delivery alert before it arrives, because Tesla doesn't provide a "shipping notice"
Rick, reference your comment about be ...they ship the plates and docs to the mainland. Its a bit more complex than that.

The process for Hawaii barely involves the local Tesla folks. I think the registration process is handled in CA, but its started in CA, even if it all isn't completed there. So since I've not heard of the process not involving Tesla in a different state, I will continue to refer to the Tesla parts as Tesla CA. A couple of years ago a Tesla sales advisor explained it to me, because I was trying to keep my existing EV tag. He explained it was something like this. Maybe its not now, but even so it may help understand why so long.

Tesla Service Center does the Safety Inspection. The Safety Inspection hard copy has to be sent to Tesla in CA, along with any owner signed paperwork that Tesla required at delivery. Then Tesla arranges to pay the DoT your excise tax using some of that documentation. Once paid the tax payment receipt is returned to Tesla in CA, The receipt is married up with the hard copy Safety Inspection paper, and other Tesla paperwork. Then Tesla CA takes the paperwork and sends it to a company that performs the registration and obtains the tags. I wasn't told the name of that company or where they are. The tag company sends the paperwork including tax receipt and safety inspection, bill of lading, bill of sale and some other stuff to Hawaii DMV. Hawaii DMV receives it and processes, generates the title, registration, and selects a tag and returns it to the tag company. When it was explained to me, it was not clear if the tag company send it to Tesla registration and plates back to Tesla or to the owners and copied Tesla. So many people have reported their tags arrived via Fedex from Tesla, I guess that explains the last step.

My point local Tesla folks, do not run the paperwork down to the DoT, then go to the DMV and send it to the owner. Its a longer process.
If you count the one way trips I described involving USPS or Fedex to move paperwork its 8 times. Even if that process is only half that complicated, its still 4 times documentation and/or plates are passed through others hands before they get to the owner. How many other new owners registration/plate packages are being juggled at the same time? Dozens, hundreds? More?

As I recall, we've not heard reports of any new Tesla owner over the last 5-6 years being stopped and hassled by the police over an expired temp registration. So, sit back, enjoy your great/beautiful Tesla and let the tag get here when it does.
One additional data point here. I received my new "Raven" Model S on June 26th, and received my plates & registration yesterday, September 11th - so, 11 weeks for me. Also, the delivery origin on the FedEx shipment was listed as "Fremont, CA", so I just assumed that they came directly from Tesla.
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Raven? Wow. Congratulations. (envious)

That June delivery was another pivotal tax credit moment with the tax credit dropping by another 50% in a few days. So there were a lot of deliveries in that last quarter month. All that mob of sales is going to extend the time to get registrations done.
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Bumping an old thread - took delivery on 11/19 and got the FedEx yesterday if you can believe it. Is there supposed to be a Certificate of Title in the package? Because mine did not have it. Does anyone know how to get one?

EDIT: My credit union who is the lien holder apparently doesn't have it either...
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