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Hawaii Elon Musk Shareholders vote

I'm for Elon. I am against removing him. I didn't see anything that explained how large a block of stock the shareholder had that wanted to remove him. I understand the Tesla board disagreed with the proposal and wanted to retain Elon. (I just wanted to be clear the way I explained this.)
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For as long as Elon wants to be CEO, he should be CEO. Billionaires don’t grow on trees. Especially visionary ones.

With that said, it was always in the cards that he would step down at some point. I can only hope that his successor and that succession are handled in a share price-friendly manner, and that people don’t completely lose their minds when that natural evolution does in fact occur.
Apple also decided to oust Steve Jobs. See where that got them. They needed him then, and they need him now.
Same would happen if they were ever stupid enough to force out Elon, though I don't think that will ever happen.
Elon will go when HE wants to go, not a day sooner.