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Hawaii Superchargers


Apr 19, 2018
Still no hits in the Honolulu and Maui county permit databases (aside from the Lanai supercharger that has its own thread now).
I'm running my searching program every Monday, scanning the past week's permits, looking for the keywords: tesla, telsa, charger, charging
If you can think of any other keywords that should be added to the search list, let me know. :)
The permit listings are cached on my computer from January 2018 to December 2020, so I can run additional searches really quickly if necessary.
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Nov 27, 2012
There's a permit for an EV charging station at the new Kuono marketplace (4210 Waialae Ave) on Oahu:
Honolulu Internet Permit System - Building Permit

At $10k, doesn't seem like it's Tesla, but who knows. Worth keeping an eye out.

Probably just universal charger to meet requirement. Shopping center is small and owned by Kamehameha Schools. Don't think their beneficiaries would appreciate supporting Tesla super chargers. o_O
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A'-Lo-HA ! y'all
Nov 26, 2012
Kaneohe, HI
I'm not a trustee but a graduate and a proud Tesla M3 owner!

Congratulations !! Though belayed I am sure. My smart a$$ remark was certainly not intended as an attack to anyone or any group.

But it would be nice, useful, a great gesture to allow the Tesla to use a piece of lesser attractive real estate for Superchargers.


Nov 15, 2018
Aiea, HI.
Congratulations !! Though belayed I am sure. My smart a$$ remark was certainly not intended as an attack to anyone or any group.

But it would be nice, useful, a great gesture to allow the Tesla to use a piece of lesser attractive real estate for Superchargers.

Not a problem. We live in the USA and all comments are welcome. Well most.


Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus
Mar 6, 2019
Oahu, Hawaii
So, the Kaneohe prospective charger has vanished, but the Honolulu one now says, "Target opening Q2 2021."

Has it ever said a quarter before?

Polly Wog

Dec 4, 2013
Kihei, Hawaii
Nope, and now Maui says Kahului (not just generically Maui) with a target of 2022. The fact that several places on the mainland where permits have just recently been granted have targets of Q1 2021 and Q2 2021 make me think that they are actually trying to be more accurate in their projections. Time will tell!
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Apr 25, 2019
Thank you Akikiki for your post. I can’t believe there are no Superchargers on O’ahu. I live in an apt building here and I cannot install a L2 charger. I am left to compete with Leafs, Prius Prime, Porsche’s, Kias and other EVs at the Volta charging stations at Ala Moana Center (2 hr max). I have gone into the different Tesla stores to complain but they seem very removed from the decision-making. I’m surprised because I bet it would make their job of selling the cars easier. And Tesla would recoup their investment from those Tesla owners who pay for Supercharging. Something else seems to be going on here...

"Something else seems to be going on here..."
It's probably the onerous, slow, bureaucratic, and corrupt permitting system. This has led to a profound affordable housing shortage, the fact that Chik-Fil-A is not here etc... (Tesla isn't the only business that can't seem to get building done in Hawaii.)


Apr 19, 2018
Looking at HECO rate schedules for commercial customers, it looks like the killer costs are the demand charges.
In other words, the per-kWh costs are pretty normal and expected for HECO, similar to residential. But the overall kW peak demand charges (something residential accounts don't have) can cost a lot, especially for an electrical load that may hit very high peaks, such an EV charging station with a larger number of stalls.

Because of these demand charges, it benefits Tesla/HECO/ChargePoint/Volta/etc to try and keep the overall peak demand for the charging station as low and steady as possible.
For this reason, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see larger charging stations resorting to battery storage to help smooth out the peaks. It also might allow the charging station operator to use a time-of-use plan and charge the batteries in the morning and early afternoon for discharge during the evening peak.

I'm sure HECO prices their DCFC higher per kWh than some of the Level2 chargers because of the higher peaks. (50kW HECO vs 6.6kW level 2, for example) It's probably also for lack of competition, so...Tesla, get moving, please! :)
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Active Member
Jul 11, 2012
SF Bay Area, CA
The chargers look as if they’re connected to the building. To be honest, I’ve never seen any type of charger that looks like a supply cart. These would never survive up in Canada, probably why I’ve never seen one in my life! (Photo from PlugShare)View attachment 376841
I made a comment about the Freewire "Mobi EV" chargers at How do Non-tesla chargers work? We had some at my work.

At that time (pre-COVID), the spec sheet was not available for everyone to freely download. Once it was powered on, it was relatively straightforward to use. Just plug in. However, to move it around required a wired remote and the unit had to be shut down first, IIRC. Once in place where needed, it had to be powered back and up it took awhile for it to boot and be ready again.

The attendant would charge them at night by plugging them into our J1772 EVSEs. I've helped out with that sometimes due to some probs back then w/our EVSEs (long story).
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