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He wanted the D and he got it. The 90D, that is!

Picked up my shiny new 90D earlier today and couldn't be happier about it! Just wanted to give thanks to all the wonderful people on this forum for all the information they've provided - I've been doing a ton of research the past few months to see if this is the right car for me, and after a couple hours of driving I can enthusiastically say yes! If you're on the fence about buying a Model S, don't wait, just get it!

Apparently I am the 4th/5th person with a 90 around San Diego. Still need to install my carbon fiber center console and rear console. I hope to record some videos of my upcoming travels and share them soon!

Thanks everyone! Yes, the new blue color is absolutely fantastic in person. My pictures don't do it any justice.

I will do a 100% charge tonight in preparation for a trip to Disneyland tomorrow, so I'll try to make a note of the rated range is at that time.
Very nice!

It's good to see the hood and light gaps are getting tighter - my S' hood still looks like it's slightly open, and the left headlight gaps are off.

Vancouver Service Centre promised a call from the body shop to sort it two weeks ago. Still waiting.........
When you do the 100% charge can you also switch to km and post that #? Maybe with range mode on and off. I did a 100% charge last week on my 85D and it was 440 km, back just after I got the car a full range charge was 442 km for reference.
In case anyone was still wondering, this is what my rated range was after a 100% charge overnight. There's a tiny sliver of gray at the end of the bar from overnight vampire drain losses so I'm assuming that number should be 283 instead. I was in a hurry and didn't get a chance to test anything else yet. Hope this helps!