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Headlight Glare Issue

Hi All - I have a September 2017 75D without "adaptive headlights" around 1 in 3 cars that pass me at night will flash their high beams at me, as I assume they think I have left mine on!

At first I thought it was because the Tesla LED headlights are very bright and drivers are very sensitive in the UK... However this week my car has been in for some work and I have a late 2017 90D loaner with the adaptive headlights. Not one car has flashed their beams at me over the past week whilst driving the loan car.

Has anyone else experienced this with the non adaptive? Or do I have headlights that need re calibrating?
Get them aimed (if that's what you mean by recalibrate). I took mine in and asked them to raise the beams because I felt they were too low. After that, almost everyone flashed their high beams at me. Took it back to SC and asked them to lower the beams again. Now it's fine.