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Headlights always on after windshield replacement

After a couple of months of waiting to get my cracked windshield replaced at Teslas recommended local carglass shop, I finally got it replaced last Monday.
It would also need a AP calibration for which I made a appointment with the SC about today.

While driving this past week, the line detection seemed a bit flimsy so I did not use it for this week (boy, talk about quickly getting used to this technology, it was a long week!) and during the week my lights were on constantly no matter the ambient lighting conditions.
I thought it was because of the missing calibration of the cameras, that the light detection also would be off.

However, after getting the calibration done this morning and driving out from the SC on this bright sunny day, all lights are still on like it was the darkest night.
Drove back to the SC and the technician couldn't give me an answer to why it shouldn't turn off. According to him, all the settings was correct.

I have tried doing a reset of MCU, CID and a full power down, none of it made any difference at all.

The technician said he would try to push a firmware update today and see if that would do it (I'm on 2018.10 now), so that is the only thing not tried yet.

Any other with AP 2.x that have a similar experience and maybe even a solution?
And a very fast update:

2018.16 was pushed to the car, and now everything works again.

Sorry for wasting everyone's precious electrons and TMC forum reading time, but perhaps someone may run into the same issue at some point.

I wonder if it was just the re-installation or the firmware itself that fixed it. I haven't read anything about this issue with 2018.10 before.
IMHO it was more the reboot after the new version install that fixed it, likely the forward camera cluster disconnect/reconnect for the install was the culprit. In the future, if Tessie misbehaves do a car reboot.
I had two windshield replacements. Both times one of my headlights was out. First time SC replace the headlight assembly and also applied a new FW (not realizing that the two could be related). After the second windshield replacement and another non-functioning headlight they just re-apply the FW. Indeed that solved the problem. Other folks on the forum had similar issues. More than likely this is a variant of the same problem.
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