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Headlights Still Rated Poor In IIHS Tests

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You would think an incremental change over time without a refresh or new model could be made to make the headlights "fair" or better. Years of poor headlights is not very good publicity for a company interested in safety.
you're expecting a lot from a company that cant make a DRL headlight not burn out from 2016-current when the 2013-2015 model never had that issue.
The model s headlights are horrible, was a bit surprised they didn’t take the refresh as an opportunity to update the headlights. Maybe it’s in the cards in a few months since the new 3/Y are shipping with the matrix headlight hardware just not implemented in the software yet.
Anyone know if Model S headlights were updated with the refresh, or are they the same pieces? They look visually the same to me (LED reflectors).

Low beams that don't reach 200 feet on the driver's side is a dealbreaker.
Still the same crap headlights.
Yep forgot to mention that. Still the same crap tail lights, too. It's actually really lame these weren't improved.
Are the tail lights crappy because they still fog up, or do they lack in brightness or features (not adaptive, etc.)?

I've noticed the LEDs in the center high-mounted stop lamp in Model S dating back to 2012 light up unevenly. The LEDs vary in brightness. Looks cheap.
So, I'm leasing a Volvo XC40 Recharge while waiting for my Plaid X. Have been driving Teslas for the last 11 years (Roadster and 2 S's 2012 and 2018). The Volvo's headlights are amazing. They are truly adaptive in that they follow where you're going, not just lighting a lame side lamp that couldn't attract a firefly in heat. Tesla is still the best when it comes to the "EV stuff," but the legacy car companies are WAY better when it comes to the "CAR stuff". Like I love that the Volvo has the kick sensor to open the rear hatch when your arms are full. Tesla has power liftgates, it just can't be that hard.

But of course here I am waiting to give Tesla another $120k so why should they fix anything? We all keep lining up to buy their crap.
I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing updated headlights in the S and X similar to those in the 3 and Y which have the 'matrix' capability. It was recently announced that in the US matrix headlight technology will finally be allowed but it can take up to 2 year for this change to come into effect.