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Headliner Removal

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Has anyone removed the headliner in their Model 3 yet? I know that some aftermarket suppliers are selling replacement headliners in non-stock colors and fabrics, and some folks may drop their headliner to gain access to wiring for custom audio or radar detectors.

I'd like to drop my headliner to check for access to bolt on feet for a removeable roof rack. I'm not impressed with Tesla's offering, and I don't like the clip on racks that compress the door seals. Yakima's landing pads are bolted to the sides of the roof, and the cross rails can be attached or detached in seconds with no tools (just a key). Yes, I'll have to drill 8 holes in the roof of the Tesla, but I've done this on 3 other vehicles in the past with no ill effects.

Due to the design of Tesla's mostly glass roof, there is a pretty limited area of metal structure to work with. I'm concerned that there may be interference with the wiring harness, the airbags, or that the welded tubular structure of the frame may prohibit through-bolting the feet. So I'd like to try to get the headliner off before drilling anything to assess if this is feasible or not.

Has anyone pulled the headliner? Is it just held on with clips, or are there bolts/screws that must be found and removed first. How fragile are the clips? Any experience is appreciated!