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Headlines of Tesla Country Director's Presentation

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Hi all,

Cross posting from speakev forums.

I was at the Oxford Store opening reception yesterday. I want to give you an update in case you'd been interested.
Tesla UK country director Georg Ell made a presentation and answered some questions. He is a nice talker and young, agile guy. He reminds me Elon a bit

Store was a regular Tesla store, with one red P90D and one skeleton.
It is located at the heart of Oxford Street, just across the Selfridges.
I didn't like the lightning of the store, it was too dark, but maybe they lowered it for the reception.
There were lots of people, we were kinda stuffed. But it was not too bad.
Free alcohol and food is always good

Here are the headlines:

- The request for Spotify was huge in the UK. Tesla UK pushed the headquarters for the integration.
- This is a strange one: Oxford Store currently doesn't have permissions to sell&order any car yet. (Something to do with council etc) They will show the car to people, but they will direct them to internet or other store. They expect to overcome this problem soon.
-Oxford street is the most polluted street in the UK. 4 days of pollution equals a year of an average street. So Tesla is making a good point with advertising EVs in that street.
- They plan to deploy destination 160 charging points prior to hardware certification. Tesla is not chasing them always, most of the hotels etc, wants charger points so more people would visit.
- Tesla is aware that waiting time in the Europe is not good comparing to US. So they are starting induction events, to get together with people and answer their possible questions.
- Next week, Elon is coming to the UK. He'll be joining some events. (I guess I heard Queen's dinner or something)
- New superchargers are coming in 2016. Bristol, Edinburgh, Midlands etc.
- Model X will arrive to showrooms at the second half of 2016.
- Summon feature will be released after regulatory approvals.
- Tesla Energy will coming to Europe soon.
- They were paying rent for some supercharger locations. But now, since they are becoming popular, landlords of some facilities are not charging any rent for Supercharger locations. Tesla is just paying hardware cost and energy cost. At some superchargers, even energy cost is payed by the landlord.
- Elon hates queues at the Superchargers. He thinks that it is a virality killer. They plan to expand existing superchargers too. They plan to build stations with at least 8-12 stalls.
- Speedcamera warning in sat nav - unlikely.
- Referral program - They liked the first phase, but not the second, because people were sharing their codes everywhere. The point of the program is not getting a discount, it is about sharing customer stories and making people buy. They are redesigning referral schema.
- Tesla is willing to learn about problems and bugs. Please send problems, make a bug report.
- 3rd Party SDK - low priority
- Apple car play - Unlikely
- UI redesign - will come with v7.2. Hopefully with new browser. Video unlikely.
- Autopilot v2 - no comment.

In case anyone else gets confused, this thread refers to a new Tesla store in Oxford Street, London, not Oxford in Morse country! Something else Tesla hasn't seen the need to bother to tell me about (like everything else 'Tesla' that's happened in the UK in the year I've owned my MS!) MW
Thanks martin. I was wondering how Oxford managed to get a store! The London-centric view of the world strikes again. Probably half the people living in London don't even know there is a place called Oxford....