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Heads up: Some Late 2020 M3s Requiring Battery Replacements


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Apr 16, 2021
Hello everybody, this is my first post. 2 1/2 weeks ago I was privileged enough to be able to buy a tesla model 3 performance. I went with a demo 2020 model with under 1k miles for the sweet -7k adjustment they were offering for it being a non refresh. Almost right away I noticed issues with it charging. Whenever the outside temp dropped below about 40 it would constantly be conditioning the battery instead of charging. While supercharging it would take 10 minutes to warm up, charge for 10, warm up for 10 etc. Took 2.5 hours to charge 20-90%. My regenerative brakes also never worked unless it was 70f+ outside. I really had no idea if this was normal so I took data to the teslamotors subreddit and asked for opinions.

Loop of the car cutting power
Longer Version
Imgur album with some photos of the issue in action

To my dismay the first few people told me this was completely normal behavior. To anyone experiencing this problem: THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Some others convinced me to schedule a service visit so I did. In my discussions, 3 other people, all with model 3 LR or Performance made in August/September 2020 had this exact same problem. All of them, and soon to be me required a high voltage battery replacement. One even said his car completely died and needed towed after he ignored the problem.

So I really just want to get the word out while it still occasionally gets cold. If you have a M3 made in late summer/fall of 2020, make sure your car supercharges properly in the cold. If it constantly needs to condition the battery, get it serviced. If you don't regularly feel regenerative braking working get it serviced. Honestly, if I would have bought the car a couple weeks later I might have never known and just thought the lack of range and regenerative braking was normal. The other people I talked to that had the issue said their car felt entirely different after they got the battery replaced: super responsive regenerative brakes, drastically increased range and way quicker charging time. Mine is currently in the shop so I can't say for sure. Just want to spread the word.

Can't wait to get my car back. The whole thing is kind of frustrating and makes me scared of more issues, but I love the car so much despite that little speed bump. At least they hooked me up with a (limited/chill mode) P100D model S in the mean time, but I just want to drive *my* car again.