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Heated Seats last exactly 20 mins. . .

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My heated seats run great for about 20 mins and then they fizzle out. I tried to see if anyone else has observed this exact problem and I couldn't seem to find it. . .

I want my seat to run and run hard until I tell it not to. . . Instead, it heats for exactly 20 mins and then starts ratcheting down (to almost no heat at all).

Is there a simple solution for this that you guys may have found?

Mine run indefinitely also.

BUT I have noticed that it's not a continuous ON. It cycles ON and OFF, I'm guessing to try to maintain a certain preset temperature range. Are you sure this isn't what you're seeing?

Unlike the steering wheel, which if I turn it on, it's consistently on until it starts to burn my hands and I turn it off.
Which seats do you have? Based on your signature you have a 75D, so that means you have either Gen 3 (Next Gen) or Gen 4 (Tesla Premium)
You very well may need to take a trip to the service center but before you do consider this:
  • You yourself may be experiencing Thermal Equilibrium from the heated seats and it just FEELs like they stopped working.
  • The seats may measure how hot the seat is and regulate the temperature accordingly.
  • Depending on the seat version, I've heard that Gen 3 seats are not as effective heating as Gen 4 or Gen 2.
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Thanks so much for everyone's thoughts.

In all seriousness, there is zero doubt that it just turns off after 20 mins exactly. And it gets pretty cold. . . I wish it would keep cooking away, honestly! Then I could temp it down to level 1-2 and see how that worked for me. At present, I just stops working (and says it's still at level 3).

I got the car right at the beginning of 2017. They also have the ventilated seats option (which I love) so I think that makes them of that unicorn variety were only a few of us got those seats. Gen 3 maybe?

I just took the car in for it's annual and forgot to ask them about it! ARGH! I'll try any of the notations here and see how I do along with checking the heated seats cycling link above.