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Hello everyone! advise me a car!

I know you are posting in the Model S section so you may had narrowed down your preference. I for one would make a purchase on what excites me in a vehicle. If you are one that likes to shift gears and feeling the torque, you are on the wrong forum. Without your thoughts, you are going to only get opinions. Although they may make sense, you need to find your own passion.

The thing all pay attention to is price when buying a car.
Important is cost per mile as previously mention about price and value.
Equipment and Tech is at cost, so there is always compromise.

If you are trying to compare the the different models that Tesla offers, that's easy

Model S - Fast, roomy and comfortable now with 3 screens. Cost is high.
Model 3 - Similar performance but not as fast as S with sporty ride. Single screen but lower dash makes an immersive driving experience. Cost is competitive.
Model Y - Some say it's all what the Model 3 is not. Roomy easy to get in and out. Sits up higher then the 3 but doesn't drive as sporty. Higher priced then the 3.
Model X - You either love it or hate it. There is no in between. Cost is high.
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