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Hello from the Windy City (suburb anyway)!

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About to be a new Tesla vehicle owner. Been visiting various sites like this one and watching YT for more info. And so, decided to join the forum today.

I think this is how it goes…

OD: 01/22/2022
EDD: Jan-Mar ‘23

Changed to:

MYLR 7 BLK/20/tow
(COD? OCD?):01/23/2022
EDD: Feb-Apr ‘23
VIN’d: still TBD

Trade-in: 2019 Honda HR-V Touring

Minimally informative? Unlike the rest of this post…!

What’s both freakishly hilarious and absolutely TERRIBLE at the same time, is that one of my sisters took delivery of a MYLR5 w/no options just before Christmas… after waiting some 9 months. My other sister decided to spill the beans to her about my order (loaded + still cheaper) and… well, not much you can do other than have a good laugh about it. So we did.

For the longest time I’ve been against buying a Tesla for one reason alone. I’m sure you can guess why. Of not, it’s $$$. Which I can now justify… barely. I do mean barely.

History into purchasing the Y… In summer 2010, I bought and still have a 2010 Honda Fit Sport manual. I’ve made modifications here and there. But the important part is, in summer 2019 I got hit with two repairs, leaking AC compressor and damaged clutch, one after the other. Two rather pricey repairs at a dealer. During the second repair, I got a loaner (because of the cost)… it was a second generation HR-V (I assume 2019).

Between the anxiety of more potential costly repairs and needing a ”better” ride for when transporting my parents, or at least making it easier for them to get out of, since it was so low, meant looking for a new ride soon. The actual issue with repairs was the worry that I would not have a vehicle to use for delivery work if it breaks down and I don’t have a loaner for the duration.

The Y should’ve already been announced by then I think, but with the more affordable standard version delayed till much later, not being a fan or being able to really use the S and 3 because they’re smaller and along with the X being priced out, I stopped considering Tesla. No other EV/hybrid came close to appealing for me. PS, I HATE Prius.

On the flip side, between brand loyalty and already having it as a loaner, I settled on the HR-V pretty quickly, even though I did check out other vehicles. Going back to what I said earlier, the HR-V was low enough they can get in and high enough that they can get out without struggling too much (those door sills are a bit wide though). My sister’s Mercedes GLK, BMW X3 and Chrysler Town and Country are too high (especially the T&C) and of course my Fit was too low. Yes, I went around with a tape measure to check seat height from the ground (not a listed spec anywhere for any vehicle I saw). Oh, this is the sister that tried to get me in trouble with the other one. After searching and such, I picked up the 2019 HR-V Touring in October ‘19. Sad to say it, but I got the Touring almost entirely for the LED headlights. Almost.

I kept my Fit so that, in the case one of them breaks down, I would have the other accessible. Plus, the trade in wasn’t worth much (not to mention the “sentimental“ value I put in). It got ‘SC’d’… vroom.

Lately I’ve been solely using the HR-V for work, since I’ve been lazy to finish some maintenance on the Fit in addition to the HR-V being AWD for the weather. The Fit is more or less in “storage” mode with the battery disconnected, until I’m not as lazy and it’s warm enough for me for me to finish the suspension upgrade (still drivable as is). This has been drilling into me, two issues with the HR-V. The radio/nav unit is super buggy if I don’t wait for it to completely boot up before driving. As mentioned, I do deliveries, so I don’t like waiting too long. And overtime, it results in it doing a hard reset that wipes out some settings and can take a while to finish. The OEM nav unit was the other reason for the Touring. I wasn’t too pleased jarring look of the aftermarket nav unit in my Fit. Additionally, the backup camera is effectively useless if theres any rain as water will stick to it and completely blur out the image. The HR-V has another camera under the passenger mirror that never has that issue. But I can’t use it when backing up, because the rear takes over the screen. Can you guess when I do my delivery job? Hint: it’s almost 3 PM (yes, afternoon) and I’m still in bed. Thankfully, I’m still the type that turns my head to look… assuming I can see anything in the dark and rain.

So, price drop on Tesla vehicles, EV tax rebates (we’ll see on timing), higher gas cost, annoying issues… well, there you go, new purchase order on a Y. However, if you’re still reading this… damn you’re bored. *ahem* I said earlier that I barely justify the purchase now. Of course, the fact the LR is still more expensive than the standard range is/was, was a reason against this purchase, the other was that I’m almost done paying off the HR-V. Despite being only at 39 of a 60 month loan, I’ve been over paying it so I now owe less than $2500. So, taking into account gas/electricity costs and stuff, it’s practically like extending my loan/fuel payments another 5-6 years. I stewed on it for a bit before finally deciding to just do it.

Wow… an essay and it was only about my last two vehicles (three? if you count the Y that I don’t even have yet). Where was this ability to rant when I was supposed to write my high school paper?!? Was supposed to get failed with a big ol F because I didn’t write one. I wonder why I ”passed” with a D… did he think “Oh, go away, shoo”?
Oops, forgot to add… my sister… yeah, the trouble maker. Well, we fight like cats and dogs. But we’ll gang up on you if you piss us off!

Anyway, she and her husband (wow, that sounds off, so my brother-in-law… barely sounds better) plan to trade in the Merc to get a Y for her now and then the BMW for a 3 for him later.

Tezzies everywhere!
Welcome Goobers, very informative intro! I too would do a lot for lighting, I think I could now handle HID at the lowest minimum...for sure, no more analog regular bulbs unless we're talking an antique.

Soon, you all will have the normal family (friendly) bickering about whatever, but could now be about your EV experiences. Biggest awarenesses I think are long-distance (or supercharging in general if not at home) and winter range compared to summer.

Good luck to you (and them).