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Hello TMC from Paint Protection of Charlotte

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Hello TMC, I want to introduce myself as David Purser owner of Paint Protection of Charlotte. My shop is located off exit 5 behind Foreign Cars Italia. I recently opened PPC after selling a previous shop I started from the ground up in Tennessee . As the sole operator I am providing automotive protective services. I am primarily concentrating my business on Paint Protection Film installs (clear bra), Modesta Ceramic Coatings and Paint Refinements.

What I provide for my clients is not just a service but an overall experience. I don't just provide a service. My goal is to provide you with the best information prior to initiation of any of our services. Once we decided on a service, I will then perform the service at the highest level. Furthermore, I will educate you to be able to maintain the vehicle to the same levels. I am doing everything in house so I am able to maintain the quality and perform each service personally. Each client has different needs so I am able to cater to those. As a car enthusiast and business owner I aim to always exceed your expectations and continue to push to raise our own very high standards.

Paint Protection Film

I have been installing Paint Protection Film since 2012 and in business since 2010. Our clients choose our installs because of the advanced techniques we use to install the film. We primarily custom install all of our pieces to ensure the best fit possible. We wrap all possible edges to make sure you not only receive the best install but no leading edges are exposed. Providing this type of install will give you the best possible protection. Our most common installs are the Full front and the Full body wrap. For our clients, we can tailor our installs to meet your needs.

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Modesta Coatings

Many of the members here will already be familiar with Modesta Coatings. I am proud to be Charlotte's and North Carolina's only authorized installer of Modesta. Modest is the only coating I choose to offer my clients as I feel it is the best coating on the market. The feedback I continually receive from my clients is always positive. From the intial application, to how easy it is to maintain. Like anything, the coating is only as good as the installer applying it. Modesta has shown great support over the years to me and my business. Together we are always looking at ways to improve the client's experience.

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Paint Refinement

The prep work is probably the most crucial step in everything we do. To create the mirror glass finish we first have to remove any defects that might hinder that. There are a number of issues which can reduce that gloss, swirls, scratches, etchings, holograms, over spray and iron particles. Each vehicle is different so we examine each vehicle to determine the best possible action. Once we have refined the finish we can then move on to either coating the paint or installing paint protection film.

I am very excited to be in Charlotte and hopefully have the chance to work on some of your vehicles. This is truly a passion of mine and being able to call this a job excites me. If I can help out of any of the members here with questions regarding the best way to protect theit vehicle, please let me know.

I have included an 'About me' video to give you more of an idea about the type of person I am and what drives me in business.

Thank you

David Purser