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Help? Borrow converter for this weekend, SF Bay Area (Oct 19/20, 2019)?

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I am throwing myself on your mercy after five other plans fell through.

tl;dr -- if you are in the SF Bay Area and have a converter CAN or cable from Roadster to something modern (likely J1772,) I would be exceedingly grateful to borrow it for this coming weekend. Please PM.

Longer version -- as some of you likely guessed, I am the amazingly lucky person to have a deposit down on Tesla #48. I was all set to buy a $4,000 2011 Leaf, but was too busy to get it together in time, and missed my shot. This led to the timing and coincidences that put me in place to buy the Roadster. It's just a slight upgrade. :->

On Saturday afternoon, we will drive from the peninsula to Fresno to spend the night, then Sunday morning complete the sale and begin what promises to be a long drive home. I expect the PEM is blanketed with road dirt and leaves, the battery is aged, and all in all I plan to be setting cruise control for something like 55 and babying it all the way back. The plan is drive for 60 miles, charge back up for 2-3 hours; repeat 3 times. I am choosing a longer route to have redundant chargers and keep well below the estimated 100 mile range in practice. The current owner will charge fully in range mode for me before pickup. So that's all good and sounds sane, as such things go.

This assumes a converter cable or CAN. I am not kidding when I say I was sure I had this solved five times. Sadly, no.

What I do have now is a borrowed Roadster trickle charger, which plugs into standard power. This at least makes the trip back *possible* but it turns into a lot longer than I envisioned for those charging breaks. I am also not sure where I'm going to find random outdoor power outlets en route, though I am told gas stations (of all places) are worth trying.

That's my Tesla origin story, and part of the saga thus far. Please let me know if you have a converter I could come pick up for the weekend, or other ideas that might work in this short timeframe. It would help me out a great deal. Thanks so much!
You probably have already found this but PlugShare - Find Electric Vehicle Charging Locations Near You is your friend when needing to find charging. I think destination chargers may give you a better charge rate than most J1772 chargers, but I could be wrong. You can set plugshare to show only the chargers you have access to (Tesla for CAN-SR, NEMA 14-50 if you will have the charge cable, but maybe you won't?, etc). You can even plan the drive based on charging locations...perhaps you've already done that.

Good luck! But mostly, have fun on the drive back.
Good luck! But mostly, have fun on the drive back.

<grin> Oh yes. Thanks for the PlugShare link. I had already plotted out the route. Fortunately I opted for redundancy, because charging locations had (a) a padlock on a surrounding cage to keep chargers inactive on Sundays, (b) a charger that simply did not work. But the 3rd one worked fine, so no troubles. This is why I looked for option-dense stops. I think I can get home without stopping again, but will have ample options if needed in the Bay Area. Of all things, my cell phone battery died, but held on just long enough for it to all work fine (and is now recharging.)

In the end, the original CAN I had ordered last week did come through in time, so thanks to @smicker so very much, but I did not need to accept that generous offer.

Bit of a rough ride. Lots of rattles. Some deferred maintenance to attend to. I had never thought of the "Braille dots" between lanes were so large ("objects under wheels are larger than they appear"?)

Beautiful cars, aren't they?