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HELP!!! Did something happen last night with newest software download

This morning my screen quick action icons are gone the Tesla t is gone the videos of cars around me gone lane markers gone traffic light signals gone what’s going on? Tried hard reboot did nothing
Anyone else having issues?
Tesla T has been long gone since the Holiday update. As for the other issues, double-check you have "Full self drive visualization" checked/enabled. Hope that helps...
Mine updated to 2021.4.11 and I still have visualizations. What is noticeable:

Cold battery "reduced regen" is now non-existent regen. Took a few miles of driving before there was any hint of any regen. Was a little startling at the first intersection when I'm used to reduced regen slowing the car a little bit, but there was none and felt like I was on cruise control.

Another change is that I unplugged, drove around, and used about 4% of the battery. Normally when I plug back in, the TezLab app usually says my battery is ~95% efficient, but today, when I plugged back in it, said I was 126% efficient. Not sure if it's the app or data from the car that caused that change.

Finally, the lane departure auto-intervention is much more aggressive. I take the same curve all the time where I cross the line a bit on the inside of the curve. Today I got the full alerts and intervention on the same curve when I never did before.

I haven't noticed anything else thus far.