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Help! Main screen dead!


Tesla Enthusiast/Owner
Jul 18, 2014
Raleigh, NC
Hey guys! In need of some huge help. My main screen just went blank for no apparent reason and won't turn back on. When I do the screen reset, the T shows and keeps resetting.

Did the update earlier today, drove about 6 miles. Parked for 5 hours and that's what happened. As expected the mirrors fold out automatically, AC don't work, no music either. Car was on valet move when I sat down to leave.
Tried all resets I could find. No change. Taking it in to Rockville Service right now.

When my centre screen lost its touch capability, Tesla services suggested I shouldn't drive it and they would send a flat bed. I said no need, and I would drive it in. I found the car operated normally, and I could control most functions from either the iPhone App or steering wheel controls. Only problem I had was when I arrived at the sharp ramp leading up to the service centre - no way to raise suspension without centre screen capability.