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Help me decide: 2019 Model 3 performance vs 2017 Model S 75D (or 90D)

Which one is your pick?

  • Model 3P

    Votes: 55 88.7%
  • Model S 75D

    Votes: 7 11.3%

  • Total voters


Apr 7, 2020
Sunnyvale, CA
I am thinking too hard about this issue... and for a long time.
Wanted to ask you guys since you guys are expert.

Assuming both model has same price, Model 3 performance and Model S 75D, which one you'd like to go for?
I know this is MS forum, but I am asking this to M3 forum as well.

My background:
1. Single, but getting married soon.
2. Car I have driven so far:
  • E92 M3
  • BMW Active hybrid
  • Porsche 911S (997 generation)
  • BMW i3
  • Porsche Boxster S
3. This car will be my only car.
4. I often go to weekend blast with my Boxster S
5. I go to Auto cross as well, 1 or 2 times of track day
6. But feel like it is time to grow up and have more stable and luxury car to experience diversity on my car life
7. I live in SoCal

My thought
1. If I get the model S, I will get HW 2.5 + FSD, but will have to skip FSD for model 3P
2. If I go for 90D, I will get a similar range with M3P?
3. S has more comfort, 3 has more fun

I am pretty sure you guys have thought about this same issue and please share your wisdom and thinking process to come down to your own conclusion.

Thanks in advance!!


Oct 1, 2019
I remember when I was purchasing my first Porsche the recommendation was to purchase the newest one you can afford...
Maybe not the best advice as I would never purchase a 996..I got a 993 which I still have.
Before I purchased my Model 3 Performance I was considering the new mid engine Corvette but I thought I can seat 4 ( 5 in a tight squeeze) have 98% of the accleration performance of the Vette and have more cargo space.
I have my 3 in our vacation home in Palm Springs... The performance Model 3 is everything I could have hoped for and more.
My pick... get the Model 3 Performance...
Dec 2, 2017
My wife and have basically those same two cars (2017 S 75 - wife’s and 2018 3 Perf - mine). As others have said, different use cases. My wife does wish we would have gotten the 75D instead of the 75 because of the increased regen, but even then she’d prefer the 3 as a driver’s car as I do. Performance 3 feels much faster even though on paper it doesn’t seem that way. The 3 also has the newer media control unit which you won’t get in a 2017 S without upgrading - this means no Netflix or Cuphead if you care about such things.

That said the S is slightly more comfortable/impressive inside (extra screen with small map is nice), the hatch makes it more convenient as a grocery getter, and we couldn’t fit our 70-pound dog plus two kids in the 3 on a road trip. But for that mangy beast we’d all fit just fine in the 3, even on a trip to Disneyland with luggage. Of course that trip isn’t happening any time soon, much to my wife’s dismay.

Based on what I’d guess your needs are, I’d say the 3 is better but it depends on what you want to do.


Active Member
Mar 28, 2019
yeah, the 3 has more headroom. The rear seats in the 3 are slightly narrower than the S though, which really only matters if you plan to fit 3 people back there or 3 child seats. Both are fine for 2 adults in the rear.


Mar 6, 2020
Austin, TX
I can tell you with certainty that you will not be disappointed with a M3P. In the past 5 days I have beaten a Lamborghini Huracan and an Acura NSX. It is a very unassuming car that blows the minds of most that see its full power unleashed!


Feb 19, 2016
United States
You can always add the FSD to the 3 later. But the best advice here - ask your fiancee, no doubt about it.

Personally, I love the style of the S, but after driving both cars I prefer the sportiness of the 3 compared to the large-sedan/boat feel of the S.


Nov 21, 2018
None of your choices will feel really luxury after owning a proper luxury car. They will feel stylish and modern, and model 3 more so.

If you really value good handling, go for Model 3 and modify the suspension, put some good aftermarket sport coilovers. It will handle well and will be able to carry kids, skis, bikes, and also be suitable for road trips.

If you want to maximize how many people and things you can drive, Model S is the way, but I'd first have found a way to test drive to make sure I am happy with driving dynamics.


Jun 14, 2016
New England
Another factor to potentially consider is which car would hold its value better over the next few years. Also, warranty/repair cost factors between the older vs. newer car. All depending on how long you plan to keep the car.


Jan 15, 2020
Orange County, CA
I have a 2020 X and strongly considered getting a 2017 S instead of the P3D I ended up purchasing instead. What ultimately led me to my decision was not cost...it was tech. The 3, for better or worse, is simply more advanced now (e.g. charging) than the S/X. If a new S comes out a few years from now with significantly better tech (which it should), I'll consider switching over and either selling my P3D or giving it to my son as he will start driving in a couple years.


Mar 21, 2019
Sellersville, PA
I vote for the Model 3. I've been driving sports cars and sports sedans my entire driving life, approximately 52 years, so that's what I prefer. To me, the Model 3 is much 'sportier' due to it's acceleration, handling and overall size. I understand that the Model S has some variants that are faster than my Performance Model 3, but the 3's handling and size trump those variants, and the Performance Model 3 is no slouch when it comes to acceleration either.

If you're looking for more of a great luxury sedan that goes fast, then go for the Model S.


Nov 2, 2017
Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, CA
Suggest to rent each one on Turo for 24 hours. I have the 3 and it's great, but I wish I had the ride comfort and quiet cabin and the sunroof from the S. Make sure you get dual motor 75D with 0 to 60 in 4.2s, the single motor S is too slow. Get FSD included and 4 year warranty from Tesla, should be included free. Get Aug2017 or later to get the vegan seats. Even better would be one from April 2018 with MCU2. Last note: if you do road trips then get the 90D.


Dec 29, 2014
Owned a S 2017 75D for two years until a M3P (Base Perf) took its place.

Family of 4 (1 and 4 yr olds), M3P is great and has more space than you would think.

Im overall happy with my desicion of "upgrading" from the 2017 S to a 2019 M3P.
The only thing I miss is the look of the S, its a beautiful car (especially with the arachnids).


Nov 20, 2016
Yes, the most important is the battery. Newer battery and newer design.

Note: The Model might be more comfortable because of the suspension also offer more practicality because of the hatch.

For about the same price my choice would be to get a 2020 Model Y LR AWD instead of a 2019 Model 3 P
I agree with getting model Y it appears to be the best of both . We have 85D and 3P- , the model S is much bigger car with the hatch and interior is wider. Also has some other comforts that the 3 does not have (air suspension, powered hatch, heated steering wheel etc).

You have to decide if you want a more comfortable/practical car overall (S) or a better sportier/ more nimble car as a daily driver (3).


Feb 17, 2020
Edmond OK
I struggled with this decision as well. I have a pretty predictable history of alternating between luxury and sports sedans. I loved my Boxster S but got tired of the size and ride and went to a Jaguar XJ VDP. A year later the Jag was boring so I purchased a C6 corvette which must have the worlds worst seats so next was a LS460, then Lotus then BMW 7 then modified Audi S5.

I went with the Model 3 performance and honestly its like having 90% of both worlds. The car is crazy fast, handling far exceeded my expectations for a chassis this heavy but most of all when you are just cruising the seats are comfortable, ride compliant and the whole experience is almost silent. Add in one footed driving, a "full tank" every morning when I wake up, amazing safety and self driving, killer sound system and its hard to go wrong. This is the first time I feel like there are no compromises with my decision.

Had I gone with the S I feel like I would have been right back in the luxury sedan/sports coupe loop.
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