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Help me with Ride Height measurement

I searched the threads but no clear answer.

I was adjusting my MPP ride height, and people commonly measure the distance from ground to battery pack. (ie:140mm). My car's battery is not even and it gives me weird measurements.

Can someone please measure their Model 3 from ground to the fender? I want to know OEM distance.

*It must be on pretty level ground or take avg. of both sides.

And please state what kind of wheels you have. I have 18's.

thank you in advance!
Ground-to-fender, especially comparing different cars, is not useful as even slight tire pressure differences will affect it. Hub-to-fender is the only consistent measurement and ignores wheel/tire differences. Even then however it has to be the exact same wheels measured the exact same way on both cars. That being said, battery height is obviously safest in terms of preventing damage (but still subject to tire pressure).

I too have measurements all over the place (opposite corners are high, so there is no way to make the car level to the eye) so I gave up on trying to level the fenders and just use battery height as at least it will be the safest measurement to use.

Also the stock preload values from MPP are way out of whack. My M3P was 20mm lower than they indicate with 24mm preload in the rear. Never really figured out why.