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Help! Tesla added $9k to my Model Y order


Aug 20, 2019
Bay Area
If you do not have a "Motor Vehicle Order Agreement" document from Tesla, that you would have e-signed, then you and Tesla were not entered into a legally binding agreement.

If you have this document, find a lawyer to represent you and pursue recourse. Otherwise, you technically were window shopping and did not order the vehicle.
Thank you for the advice. I had one but I didn’t keep a copy of it. When Tesla rep asked me to change my order, I no longer brave access to my old one. Anyways.. it’s not a fight that I think I am capable of dong.
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Aug 20, 2019
Bay Area
I would pile n and agree with this. a buddy with kids has had one a couple years and raves about it. No gas use ar4ound town, which is most of his driving,. range is endless when he needs etc. and I’m speaking as a M3P owner who loves teslas.
Thank you! I really need to look into this car :) I love my model 3 and that’s why hubby insists on getting model y. I personally don’t want to have model y because of its size.


Aug 20, 2019
Bay Area
The price for the car you ordered didnt increase, they are giving you the price of the alternative as it stands TODAY after several price increases. From observing many others who were in the same position, many already changed their order months back when the price difference was only $2000-3000. Why didn't you change your order then? You also had the option to change it to SR RWD 7 seater which would've enabled you to get a refund. Seems you had many opportunities to act and didn't.
I was never informed of this option.


Jul 28, 2021
Los Angleles
I'd venture to say the Tesla reps gave you misinformation, initially, then played catchup CYA. Your first encounter, "we were told that we will get a free upgrade to AWD according to an internal support article about the RWD discontinuation situation" doesn't conform to reality. Wishful thinking!


Zero Farts Given!
Nov 22, 2018
Hey guys!

Really need your advice on our situation....

Thank you for reading this. Would appreciate any thoughts and advice. All in all, the price of my car increased from ~$70k to ~$80k and the delivery is super delayed. We are expecting a new baby this month and this is not something we have budgeted for. We want a 7-seater baseline EV, and do not want to pay a premium for AWD. Feeling very stuck with Tesla now as you know how hard it is to buy a car these days sigh.

I can sell you my 7 seater at a more reasonable price, and close to your budget.

2021 LR AWD Model Y 7 seater.
1100 miles now, delivered September 18.

I am a seller close to sticker price (to cover my tax and registration cost). Make me an offer.




Sep 18, 2019
f $70K to $80K feels like too much of a stretch, then the chances are that you were probably stretching a little bit to justify spending the $70k to begin with. No matter how bullish people are on Tesla or EVs, cars are still not a great place to spend a bunch of money on because you aren't going to recoup that.
The last time I suggested this I was downvoted to hell. You're not wrong.


Jan 15, 2020
Great news for the OP. If he still wants to go forward with a Y he can reorder and probably qualify for the around $8,000 tax credit proposed for next year.

Pricing with Tesla has often been fluid. Your original order price is only maintained if you take delivery when it is produced and do not make any configuration changes along the way. If Tesla improves the configuration or raises prices along the way, you are still usually protected and will only need to pay your original agreed to price.

If you fail to take delivery, make changes, unable to get insurance or final payment, then you loose your order deposit and go on your way.
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Active Member
Mar 4, 2020
I have a 2018 Pacifica hybrid, and they are wonderful. My family gets around 28 miles on a charge, then around 32mpg driving in hybrid mode. The new 2021 model is nice as well.
That's my experience as well. Most of the miles are electric, and the ones that aren't are at 32 MPG - and it's a large peppy vehicle.

The trip odometer resets after 10K miles; here's my current mix - over 70% on electric. If it wasn't for road trips, we'd be over 90% electric. Most of our trips are under the ~30 mile electric range.
Just gotta say something....

If you look at the OP's posts, everything seems a tad incredulous. Placed order for CPO late August 2019, got 'screwed' on price; Early Sept, 2019, got 'screwed' on delivery; Jan 2020 placed order for MY and got 'screwed' again? Didn't check on order for 1.5 years??... Eh.

To my untrained eye... looks like someone likes to post negative and watch the responses. Never any updates to his 'conundrums' either. 🤔

Hopefully not a short-seller, with today's stock prices!!!!! ;)
Agree. The story was not make sense
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