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Help Tesla write this year's holiday card

Last winter Model X reservation holders received a holiday card to help remind us that Tesla still remembered us. Many of us probably thought we'd have our Model X before the next Christmas since at that time deliveries were supposed to begin at the end of Q1. Now that the holiday season is drawing near and most reservation holders will still be waiting, let's help Tesla write this year's card. Reply with your suggestion of what should be said. I know Jerome is on a leave of absence but I don't know who has replaced him so I put his signature on my version since he signed the last one.

Thank you for continuing to be a valued Model X reservation holder. Model X is the most difficult car in the world to build, and we maybe shouldn’t have even made it, but thanks to patient individuals such as yourself we have brought you sculptural beauty second row seats, a breathtaking panoramic view, and billionaire Falcon wing doors.

We have been making deliveries since September and already have dozens of Model Xs on the road today. We will have more updates on when you might expect your Model X in 2016.

In the meantime, we wish you and your loved ones all the best for a happy and peaceful holiday season.

We truly appreciate your never-ending support.

Jerome Guillen
VP, WW Sales & Service
The "we have brought you" (we will have brought you?) and especially "sculptural"& "billionaire" parts are too Tounge in cheek; and it misses the point.

I'd like to ge a card- it would thank but mostly reconnect and remind me of why my family connected to tesla's vision, and how they are going about it, and finally maybe the role of the MX

You may want to see Simon sinek,s "start with why" TED talk- a bit exaggerated in his examples but makes an important point.