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Helped me get away from road ragers

Discussion in 'Model S' started by Vip, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Vip

    Vip Member

    Jul 11, 2013
    United States
    So was merging onto a side road that merges onto a highway. This section has two separate road merges before it merges onto the highway.
    I was on the first merge and this one has a short lane before I have to merge to the left. I push on the accelerator to get up to speed. I see a car speeding in the main lane (much faster than he should be going in that lane) but with my lane ending I had to merge causing the person to brake. By no means did he slam on the brakes or would I have caused an accident. Now did I cut him off that is up for debate. Any reasonable person would have foreseen the situation and realized that the car needed to get over and would have slowed down (or at least that is what I would have done).

    Well now this guy is behind me. As we are passing the second merge and onto the highway this guys pulls up to my left side. The passenger rolls down his window threatening to beat me up and telling me to pull over. While the passenger is yelling at me the driver is pulling closer to my car threatening to hit me. Well this situation just became very dangerous and needed to make split decision while in traffic. Luckily for me the second merge lane was still to my right and empty and would go for another quarter mile. I slammed on the accelerator as I moved to the right passed up a few cars and merged back to the left. I left those guys way back in traffic that they could not get back to me.
    I know for sure if I was in a gas car I would not have been able to do that. I would not have been able accelerate fast enough. Most likely the road rager would have kept up with me and who knows what would have happened then.

    Hopefully this would be first and only time I would need the instant torque to get away from a situation like this but I can't tell you how happy I was to be in my Tesla at that moment.
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  2. roblab

    roblab Active Member

    Jul 15, 2008
    Angwin (Napa Valley) CA
    Road rage is getting to be more and more of a problem. I drive pretty calmly, but when someone is going 20 mph slower than the posted speed, one gets tempted to pass. Of course, if you do, they flip you off and try to make scary maneuvers. I don't get it. What's with these people?

    I usually drive in the slower lanes so I don't cause any irritation, but there's way too much traffic some places. Some times I feel like it warrants cell phone camera coverage. I have read where someone wanted to throw rocks at a Tesla simply (?) because it was charging. I'm at a loss. So far, like you, zooming up to 90 and pulling in way far ahead seems to work, but it won't always. And now, everyone wants to carry a gun and shoot anyone who wakes them up. Makes me want to stay home, almost.
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  3. kort677

    kort677 Banned

    Sep 17, 2015
    that's one solution
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  4. wiztecy

    wiztecy Active Member

    Apr 29, 2012
    Santa Cruz, California, United States
    I use to commute 35 miles each way in my Tesla Roadster, met a few RoadRagers on Highway 17 and used the EV torque and agile handling of the car to my advantage so things wouldn't escalate further. Sad but day by day attitudes on the road are getting worse, no respect nor any thought on how dangerous just driving alone is without the rage. I haven't been driving/commuting to work now since I take the bus works out excellent. Instead of driving 1 hour each way, caught in standstill traffic, seeing accidents weekly, and being in the middle of a pond of bad drivers, I'm now pretty darn safe in a big bus that has free WIFI connectivity. I now spend this wasted 2 hours reading a good book, listening to music, and doing research / Internet sailing which makes the ride even more relaxing and fun. I have a Metroboard Electric Skateboard that goes 25mph and has a range of 40 miles to get me from my house to the Metro Bus Station in Santa Cruz which is about 6 miles of a ride. Then its a few blocks of riding through downtown San Jose to get to my job. Skating really makes the morning and evenings so much more enjoyable and keeps my coordination dialed in. Only downside is I don't get to enjoy or drive my Tesla Roadster as much. That car is/was a blast to commute in for sure.

    Happy Vip was able to get out of a bad situation safe and sound.
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  5. Gizmotoy

    Gizmotoy Active Member

    Sep 16, 2013
    Bay Area, CA
    I was on my way down to Santa Cruz last spring and had a crazy experience. I was just coasting along at 5 over in the right lane when I suddenly heard a super-loud engine floor it but there were no cars around. Turns out there was an entrance ramp and a truck had come roaring up and I saw the truck approaching fast from the passenger side. The merge lane had already ended and there was a hard lane barrier coming up. I had instinctively already started slowing and the guy swerved over into my lane so fast. It was crazy, and I'm still surprised I have a bumper. I swear I saw the shadow of the tow hook of his lifted truck over my quarter panel.

    He then proceeded to try to force me to stop in the middle of the highway. Then he pulled over onto the shoulder and yelled about coming to fight him.

    Still have zero clue as to why any of that occurred. He had to have been well behind me when he floored it, and there were no other cars around. People are insane and should not be trusted with vehicles.
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  6. int32_t

    int32_t Tesla Spotter

    Nov 21, 2015
    Calgary area, AB, Canada
    Bizarre behaviour. Almost smells like rolling coal: Tesla moments
  7. CHG-ON

    CHG-ON Still in love after all these miles

    Jun 24, 2014
    Santa Cruz Mountains, USA
    Big threatening words from guys with small d's. I wonder what they would do if somebody actually pulled over and wanted to fight them.

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