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Hepa Filter Biodefense Model Upgrade and Option Code

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Hello everybody

While I am still wondering how someone disconnected a Tesla wall connector from my car while charging (Read more here please: Tesla wall connector issue), I have one question about the upgrade I made to my car this week.

Yesterday, Tesla upgraded my Model S with normal filter and changed the filter to a HEPA filter and they also activated the software so I have to biodefense mode now available in my car. A big thanks to Tesla and also the very nice Ranger, who came to my home to do this upgrade. He also pushed the latest software 2018.16 to the car and I am now up to date.

The only thing which I cannot figure out here is that the option code for normal filter is AF00 and for HEPA filter is AF02. While my car is upgraded and the software is clearly working with the new setting, the car data (taken from Remote S app) is still showing the configuration of options for filter as AF00.

Is this normal or shall I ask Tesla to change this too?

By the way the Ranger also was shocked and surprised to learn about my experience with Tesla wall connector.

@richrootes I hope not. I asked the service centre and not the Ranger. The Ranger only installed it. He was extremely nice and helpful.

I don't see any reason why anyone cannot order the part. There are many videos on the youtube and internet showing people changing their own filter with the big hepa one. This is almost a DIY job and not too difficult. I am not sure if Tesla can deny such upgrade. As I mentioned before they used to do it in the states for a fee.

I think you can order the part and do it yourself of course this has to be for facelift model S with smaller frunk.
@richrootes Agree but that package also had other things such as sound system etc... After all this is just a higher quality filter and as far as I can see, all the new button in the display does (by the way the logo is scary!) is to increase the fan speed to maximum to create a positive pressure in the cabin so if one installs the filter himself and CS refuses to unlock the facility, he can manually increase the fan speed to max. But I think Tesla is very accommodating to its customers.

In other hand the same way benefits or restrictions (software updates for example) always travel from US to other countries with delays, maybe this also gets restricted shortly. I just read in one of the forums that some people asked SC to do this upgrade for them and they were charged 700 USD before it was stopped! By the way I have now the latest version of the software 2018.16 but my car still runs on old Google map and navigation!
Oh I agree that anyone can order and install the filter, it’s the enabling of Bio Defence Mode that may be the issue, as this was part of a larger package of paid options.....

There is a thread on here about this whole thing someone made a couple of months ago. Essentially the guy installed the filter himself and then was able to get the service center to add on the bioweapon button.
Oh. No.. I originally contacted SC and asked them for the upgrade but as the Ranger was coming to do some adjustment on one of the door handles, he also kindly installed the part.

By the way I think we got distracted and my question still remains unanswered that if the options is unlocked why the option code of the car is not changed!?
Has the car been rebooted/restarted? Perhaps a power off/on would help? I agree if the option code has been updated (so you now have BWD showing on the MCU display and it works) it should show in the option list.

The original deal was that too many people wanted the standalone version since it was one of the most desired parts of PUP, so it 'disappeared' quickly from the add-on option list (like the aftersales upgrade for the charger from 48 to 72 in the USA).
You need to call Tesla HQ to update options codes in theirs DB if you really need it. Car config itself is just a text file that lives on the gateway/cid/ic. Gateway doesn't know anything about internet and Tesla option you've bought it just loads whatever options enabled in this file, which was updated directly by ranger.
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Per my parts team, the HEPA filter for the Model S comes as part of an assembly that includes the mount. The part costs $200 + tax.

I am not at all familiar with getting this part retrofitted however, my parts team did say that the HEPA filter takes an additional intake and cannot be directly replaced from the standard cabin air filter. If you are planning on retrofitting this, please provide the part numbers if available so that I can ensure the right parts are ordered. These parts do not include installation and are final sale