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Here’s hoping Gov. Newsome makes getting solar & battery back up easier


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Mar 4, 2017
SF Bay Area
I've read on here that upcoming Calif legislation or PG&E rules are coming down in 2020 that will make installing solar and battery back up more restrictive and that their new time scheduling really hurts those with solar. We haven’t been ready to make that move to solar yet but with more maturing products out there (really would like Tesla’s solar roof tiles but roof too new), we’ve been thinking more and more about installing some in next year or two. Having already experienced one safety shutdown and second one approaching now, I’m not looking forward to being periodically in the dark for years.

With Gov. Newsome upset with this safety shut down scenario we’re all now having to live through and his holding PG&E accountable, I’m hoping he looks into this solar/battery installation situation and makes it better for homeowners wanting to add solar & battery back up. Can’t imagine our legislature will want anything else either.

Love to learn about anything that comes out about this.
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You still have enough time to get solar installed this year before the tax break goes from 30% to 26%. On purchases this large, 4% makes a big difference in $$. I do know a few people who went with Tesla PV rental (though I prefer to own) and it was installed within a few weeks!

A great group that I belong to who is working for a California Solar Bill of Rights is: Home | Solar Rights Alliance