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Here, There, and EVerywhere... Posting our trip SoCal to East Coast and back...

As someone who will not be able to attend, I would enjoy reading it. But only do so b/c you want to, not b/c of my readership! :)

I'll have to see if there's a "If it happens at TMC Connect, it stays at TMC Connect rule :eek:(like Vegas) or not"

AEdennis, just wanted to say thanks for your postings...I really enjoyed reading them, as well as seeing all the pictures of interesting places.

Glad you enjoyed the trip posts @bmah.

I write about all things EV with more of a Tesla bent to it now, so I encourage you and others to either follow me on twitter or subscribe on the blog. I have the blog set to auto-tweet new posts, the Google Plus version of it is weird in that I'm the only one who can read those posts, so I end up having to delete it and publish manually.
I will be posting a short-trip that we did this past Thursday (up to Oakland and back on the same day) in a few days, but I just wanted to share the latest post.

It's totally unrelated to this thread, except that it is the reaction to being in the Model S for 23 days straight on our Coast to Coast Adventure.

No, It's not about driving our ICE car. It was the fact that after this long trip, I have been looking forward to driving my wife's Roadster again.

And I finally got the opportunity to do so last Wednesday.

This made me think about the CPO program that we operate under with the Roadster and the CPO program that folks are now purchasing used Model S under.

Granted, this is based on the US models of this same program. But it really is a good deal, with the continuing exception of not providing, in writing, a battery degradation warranty as part of that program.

It also provided me the opportunity to play with both Periscope and Meerkat.

So, if you're interested in these things, and want to see a few short drives through Southern California city streets as shot from a handheld iPhone. Check out my blog post. Mea Culpa, but it was fun.
It looks like Summer 2016 has ended for most, and I haven't published this year's Tesla Roadtrip, until now...

Starting today, 9/12/2016, you can experience our Long Way Round EV trip to the Gigafactory and back, this time two months from the day the trip happened...) I figured that with the start of National Drive Electric Week and a week after the Labor Day Holiday, folks are now trying to forget Summer, and I can't have any of that.

So, if you've enjoyed our 2015 Tesla Roadtrip that was Here, There, and EVerywhere, hope you'll join us and enjoy the Epic 2016 Roadtrip to the Tesla Gigafactory Party known as The Long Way Round!

Here's the view from the side mirrors...

IMG_20160718_161424 by Dennis Pascual, on Flickr

and the view from a nearly empty Supercharger in California.

IMG_20160718_180538 by Dennis Pascual, on Flickr

Subsequent days on this trip will be published on or around 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern/1800 BST/1900 CET/+1 0300 Sydney/+1 0100 Hong Kong, 2 Months from the day of that summary.
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