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Hesitating to order Tesla Model 3 SR+ ( in Canada )

Almost ordered the Tesla Model 3 SR 151km version but it does not have does not have basic autopilot which adds $4000.

My biggest concern is build quality. Body panel gaps are acceptable if minor but not if it causes rubbing on the paint. I expect tail lights and headlights to fit correctly. Missing paint unacceptable, paint chips should not be there. Should not be stains on interior.

I live in Sudbury, so closest SC center is Toronto.

Main reason too choose Tesla is minimalist interior, frameless windows, it is not a suv/crossover and good 0-60 times, not fwd

In Canada what is delivery like?

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Decided on SR+ if I do order

@miatadan good plan.

151km sounds like it could be enough for many for light usage, but 151 turns into a lot less. Right off the bat, for daily charging you're going to want to set a charge limit of about 80%, which brings you down to 121km from 80% to 0%, but you also don't want to be bringing it down to 0% regularly so would want to charge once you hit 20% or so. So really you'd only be using about 60% on a regular basis (from ~20% to ~80%), which brings you down to 91km. If you do mostly low-speed/city driving, and don't make use of Sentry Mode or other battery-sucking useful features (such as precondition - heating/cooling the cabin and battery before driving) then you might be fine with 91km between charges in ideal temperatures.

But start adding in highway speeds (drag increases dramatically), headwinds, losses to heating/cooling the cabin and battery while driving (even if not preconditioning), etc. etc., in hot or cold weather (aka: Sudbury pretty much all year!), you're going to be closer to 50% of the 91km bringing you down to about 45km of usable daily range when weather is particularly bad and you're driving with a lead foot on the highway.

SR+ except for a very rare group of owners is probably going to be required for any sort of usefulness.
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Waiting maybe 2 months to start actual order as waiting to see VW finances showing paid on credit report and pay some debts off.
Prefer red but it is double the price of the other colours. So hoping the blue looks good in person. Stay with the black interior. I feel the $4000 for autopilot, price difference not much for SR and SR+ in Canada

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