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"Hidden" features in the Tesla navigation

It seems that not a lot of people know how you can use the navigation outside of the standard address entering of naming a specific place via the voice commands. In this video, I show you can do much more with it and the so often asked POI search can already be done as well. Suits my needs perfectly, although there will be others that will want this with a single button...

P.S.: this is still the "old" navigation in update 2018.10.4, as I haven't gotten the update with the new nav yet
Hmmmmm, ok. I guess if anyone hasn't discovered these features, then they have never tried. It was pretty obvious to me on the first day I got the car. But I haven't used this "type it in" feature in almost a year as the voice commands seem to do the same thing for me.

Problem though. My friend says it won't find the "Mustang Ranch" (house of prostitution in Sparks) :eek:
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Yes, it is not a new feature. Never said it is. But a lot of people on different forums are complaining about POI not being available or not being usable. So, not a lot of people are aware of this feature.

Also, the voice commands only work fine with proper English. Try a void command to dial a Dutch name or navigate to a German place and it doesn't work at all. Thera are people that live in areas that are not pronounceable in plain English. And that is something other brands can do for quite some time now, so c'mon Tesla, time to catch up!
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I ordered my MX a couple of weeks ago. I suppose I might have stumbled on these functions just by trial and error once I get the car but it certainly is nice to know so I can use it right away upon receiving it!

I just went on a road trip last week on my Prius and I see how this would have been so much better for finding restaurants in Italy!
One hidden feature I found the other day was ‘route me via farm tracks’. Thought I’d slavishly follow the directions Tesla gave me rather than my hard-learned mantra of ‘motorways, A-roads, and little else’. Very glad of the ‘very high’ air suspension setting which seemed to save us from running the car’s underside against the central grassy ridge on the farm tracks. Apparently it was a ‘shortcut’ to the A523 on the way north from a theme park.
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Old discussion that I stumbled upon, but I feel it could benefit from one more tip that was not highlighted here: once the navigation displays the list of results, you can of course directly touch the name of one of the results, which would start the navigation.
But if you searched for a store and want to ensure it is open before driving to it, you can touch the right part of the list, so on the icon with the letter : that will not start the navigation but instead highlight that particular result and show informations from google, including opening hours. You can repeat this until you found the store open or the restaurant with the most “stars” in google.