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High resting state of charge

I generally try and follow all the usual tips about battery degradation since being able to use my model S with minimal capital expenditure over the next 10/20 years was one of my reasons for purchase.

However, I left my car at a supercharger during dinner tonight and didn’t move down the charger limit. As a result it was at 99% when I got in the car and it’s sitting on my parking space at 96%. I don’t have any intentions to drive for the next week. Surely I need to find an excuse just to burn off 5 or 10% now?
If it was me I'm run it down to 90% if it was going to sit for a while. 6% is only about a 12 mile journey. Bit hard to "just rev it" in the car park though! sound like @JHWJR Heater idea is easier ... particularly in the middle of London as a 12 mile journey would take a while ...
I would not leave the car parked above 90% for a week. I would not worry about leaving it for one hour, but it would not be desirable to leave it for one day. One week is too much if you want to take good care of your battery.

High temperature and high SOC at the same time should be avoided if at all possible.

Go for a drive or run the HVAC until SOC is 90% or less.

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