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Highway or country road driving question

Hi all! I have around a 82 mile commute each day round trip that I could take one of two routes on my way to work and back home. One is almost entirely highway with tolls costing me $99.86 monthly, the other is single lane, occasional double lane, yellow divided country road with no tolls. I drove my ICE car the highway route for years paying the tolls to avoid excess wear and tear and gas from stop and go driving. My question is, with the model s, will I be better off taking one route over another? Is "highway miles" and wear and tear from stop and go driving even a thing with a tesla?

The main things that wear on out a Tesla are brakes & tires... and with regenerative braking you can have the car slow you down most of the time and minimize brake use. If the non-highway driving isn't an issue for you, there really should not be much of a difference in impact on the Tesla. It's possible the non-highway route could not use as much energy if you are maximizing the regenerative braking and aren't a leadfoot. (this is really hard to do, so much fun to floor the vehicle)
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