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Hit and run in parking lot

In our recent travels someone backed into my almost new S Plaid. It didn't do a lot of damage, in fact I didn't even notice it until someone else pointed it out. Most of the damage is in the lower trunk right near the latch but it doesn't seem to adversely affect the operation of the trunk. That's also probably why I didn't notice it, as I almost always use the app. to open/close it. The only thing I did notice is one of the sensors in the rear bumper had come loose, but I didn't think much of it. At one point, I did get an alarm notification on the Tesla App. and we immediately went out and did a cursory look at the vehicle and didn't see anything.....probably my bad, because this is when the damage was done and I didn't notice it.

Anyway, I started "hunting" for the video of this incident on the thumb drive. I "accidentally" stumbled onto it once but most of the video was obscured by the contents file I had on the screen. It did show a truck hit it and the license plate was clearly visible. I quickly backed out of it and then the video was gone and I haven't been able to find it since. I pulled the thumb drive and put it on my computer and began the search again. I've narrowed down the date range, 21-24 March, but the drive has 5212 files on it and, IMO, the numbering system sucks, plus I am a technology idiot and don't know how to go about finding it again.

Does anyone know an EASY way to narrow the search and especially quick scan each video without having to watch each one in it's entirety? Any other shortcuts or easy ways to find it. Also, once found, I am guessing it's easy to copy to another drive and forward to the insurance company? Thanks for any help that you folks may have.
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Thanks to both of you. Since I've never looked at any of the videos before, there are 5212 files on the flash drive. I did copy them to the computer and have been searching for the video I saw part of ever since. Still haven't found it and I know I didn't erase anything. I looked at the Owner's manual and it says that anytime the alarm is triggered, it records AND saves the previous 10 minutes. That makes me think it should be easy to find....but maybe not for this idiot.

I'll run the WebApp Player and, if by chance I deleted something, I'll run the Recuva program. Seems to me I've seen that name somewhere on one of our computers. Thanks again for your help. I'll report any findings.
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I ran Recuva on the factory flash drive and nothing had been erased, so I knew it had to be there somewhere. I then hooked the drive (not the copy I made on the hard drive) up to the WebApp Player and watched all of the videos from Feb. 21, which was the day I was pretty sure it happened. I noticed if I ran the videos faster than 1.0 (i.e. 3.0x or 10.0x) I was unable to see all of the "action". Everything only showed up on 1.0. Anyway, that exercise was also a no go and, on the flash drive, there were no videos between about 1:55 PM and 9:00 PM. I couldn't understand why because almost every minute of the day before and after was there.

Next, since I had seen the video on the screen in the Tesla, I thought I'd put the drive back into it and check again. Duh! Right at the top of the contents was one lonely Sentry entry (probably the one when the alarm went off at 4:06 PM) and that was it. I don't know how to find it on the flash drive or post it on here though, because I don't see anything with that date and time. I'll need to figure it out for the insurance folks though. So, I got the license plate number, the make, model of the vehicle, it's complete description and two people were in it. He backed all the way across the parking lot.....at least 30 ft. and straight into it. He hit it pretty good, but it really didn't do as much damage as I thought the type of collision would cause. Then he pulled forward back into his original parking place and backed out again, this time correctly, took a look at the Tesla and drove off. As a side note, this morning I received a phone call from the area where this happened (I don't know anyone there) and the gal knew my name and then the phone hung up. I called the number back numerous times and it's been busy every time. Wonder if someone's developed a guilt complex?

Does anyone have any idea how to identify that specific file as "the one"? Like I said, it was listed by itself in the directory and the other Sentry files were in a different group. I'll go back and search a little more.

Thanks for the help guys, my simple non-tech. mind has actually learned a little today. Give me another 10 years and I might have it down.....but then everything will have changed again, LOL.
The files you‘re looking for would be in the SentryClips folder. In addition, the video from the last Sentry alarm event (not alert event) is stored in the car’s memory and can be downloaded to a USB. See the manual for instructions.
Bingo! You're right. The new MS manual, IMO, isn't very clear about how to save it to the flash drive but, once you said this I went out to the vehicle and "finally" figured it out. Thank you.

That one "Alarm" video is stored in the vehicle's memory (not initially on the flash drive), and states so. It does not automatically get copied to the flash drive. That's why I could never find it in the Sentry directory of the flash drive. This type of video has to be manually transferred to the flash drive.

Now we see what happens when we have a "know nothing" trying to figure out this new technology stuff, LOL.

Anyway, I have taken all the pictures, including the video, and sent them to the insurance company, per their instructions. I also visited the only local Tesla authorized body repair shop in my area and had a nice chat with one of the managers. He said most of the insurance companies are now having the vehicle owner do their (insurance co's) job by having the owner take and forward pictures. This saves them $$$$ but is not as accurate with regard to accurate repair estimates. He said it's a base line and, once they get the vehicle apart, they "negotiate" with the insurance company on any additional items that need to be repaired/replaced. He indicated to me that, because of the placement of the damage to the trunk lid and the fact that it is aluminum, it'll need to be replaced.....which I'll insist on. My guess is that'll be the first fight with the insurance company. The damage to the bumper shouldn't be a problem.
The alarm video is supposed to be stored in both the car’s memory and on the USB if you’re using one. The in-memory version is there in case you’re not using a USB or it isn’t working. In any case, glad you were able to get it.
Me too! I ended up manually downloading it from the vehicle memory to the flash drive using the little download button in the viewer. I received the email estimate from the insurance co. and it does show a new trunk lid.....with everything running over $4000 total. I took the estimate to the repair shop today and, because there's only one local authorized Tesla repair shop with only two repair techs., I won't be able to get it in until Mid May. Sure glad it's still driveable and everything works.
Sure is great to have video records to avoid at fault insurance claim! Glad it worked out.
Thanks, I agree. The insurance co. has already processed the claim and is sending me an "initial" check for the repairs.....less my deductible. After the repair shop tears into it and sees what's going on that isn't visible in the pictures, I may or may not get another one.

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