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HOA Charging without metered station

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I am trying to charge two Teslas in a HOA parking lot with deeded spaces. I know I can run power from the main panel and use a system like Chargepoint or Evercharge but I am trying to avoid being locked in to those services.

We do have Wifi in the electrical room so I am thinking a wifi enabled sub meter can solve the problem. I would just have to read it every month and reimburse the HOA for my usage. Is it unlikely that they will allow that?

Does anyone have experience with these types of systems?

Shark 100S Economical WiFi Submeter - Electro Industries


EMH+ Data Acquisition Server with 3 Phase Meter, includes 100A CT’s. Power Supply Included, A8814-1S3
My recommendation, representing/owning several condos in several HOAs, is to, and I'm sure you will, get it cleared with the HOA before you make any investment. Also know that while one board/mgmt company may accept, next year's board/mgmt company may not or vice versa. You'll know your HOA/board/mgmt company better.
I would install a sub meter where you can read it manually, for instance right at the EVSE.

For instance I have one of these:
EZ Read FM2S 200A 240V 3W Meter

It's cheap, accurate, tamper-proof and dirt simple to read. Just take the current kWh reading, subtract the previous month's reading, and that's what you used. Counting on a WiFi connection, especially if you don't have free access to the room where the meter is, sounds like trouble waiting to happen.
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I just found the solution! I posted on an electricians forum and someone brought up this new device.

Charging solution for Electric Car in Condo - Townhouse - Appartment

DCC-9 Energy Management System for Electric Cars DCC-9-40A / DCC-9-50A / DCC-9-60A

It allows someone like myself to pull power directly from their own meter and not have to worry about reimbursing HOA if using the main panel. It also eliminates the need to do load calculations or increase power to my unit. I am trying to get it passed with the board now, fingers crossed.
Connecting into your own meter is always the best choice, if you can. Have someone do the load calcs, though. You may not need that device if the feeder is big enough. I assume they've tested this, but I'd worry that if it just cuts off the charge midstream, you might have to do an unplug/plug cycle to get the car to charge when it restores power.