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Hold Steering Wheel every 20-25 seconds?

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Yes, they reduced the interval (likely due to the amount of accidents). But normally that's no big deal as you should always have one hand on the steering wheel. AP is a "hands-on"-feature ;)
The problem is when you have one hand on the steering wheel, but the car doesn't capture it and nags you anyways. It's even worse since the dash screen no longer flashes on all four sides, but instead now only flashes on the top, which might be blocked by the steering wheel based on your line of sight and how high you use the steering wheel.
If you have to hold the wheel, and also apply light steering torque pressure, then the utility of this $5000 feature is way less than what it used to be (and also what it was perceived to be). Pay attention yes, tug the steering wheel in an unnatural fashion every 10-12 seconds is no.

How many people will pay for cruise control if you have exert light pressure on the brake every 10-12 seconds for it to keep on working?

I will still use it because I have paid for it already, but would be much less likely to pay the premium now that the increased nag is there. Why not wait till it works as promised until forming over the cash...
2018.21.9 update is probably one of the worst update I have experienced. AP1 works well before and now it's just unusable with the constant nag and ineffective mechanism of detecting hands on wheel. Instead of using some sort of capacitance sensing like touch screen, torque detection is unreliable and requires me to wiggle the wheel every 30 seconds or so. If I knew, I would not have applied the update.
I just got updated to version 2018.21.9 and now when in AutoPilot mode I'm getting asked grab the steering wheel every 20-25 seconds.

Is anybody else seeing this on their end. It used to be like 2-4 minutes.


Yeah, it is very annoying now, I always rest my right hand on the bottom of steering wheel and give it a slight tug but now I have to do it twice as much as before. I never drove “10 and 2” in my life except when I took my drivers exam as a teenager...just doesnt feel natural.
I'm not blaming Tesla. I'd be willing to bet they've made the changes because of all the stupid things some people have been doing with autopilot and then posting videos of it online. Add that to the recent crashes and I figure if Tesla doesn't do stuff proactively some government regulator is going to make them disable autopilot for everyone.

All of us using autopilot are helping Tesla to learn and to improve autopilot. Eventually Tesla will get it all worked out and we'll all be the better for it.